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Heroes: Tempest Trials Banner is live!

Today in FE Heroes, we have a few more notifications than normal because of the maintenance that is due to take place at 11:00pm UTC to 4:00am UTC today. First off:

The next Tempest Trials+ will begin on the 8th of February 7:00am UTC, so a new Tempest Trials banner is now active featuring OG Alm, OG Celica, and OG Silque.

The rewards for this upcoming TT+ will be two copies of Silque: Selfless Cleric (cavalry healer) along with three new Sacred Seals: Defiant Spd 1, Even Atk Wave 1, and Close Guard 1.

Due to the aforementioned maintenance that will take place today between 11:00pm UTC to 4:00am UTC, both today’s and tomorrow’s daily BHB revival – as well as their related banners and quests – will be running for today as well as tomorrow, so you don’t have to rush to get both done today. There will be no new daily BHB revival/banner/quests tomorrow as a result.

That will be all for today. Tomorrow’s news will probably feature details of the maintenance that will have taken place by then.