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Cipher S13 Weekly Recap: Daily Card Reveals & ST Deck List!

It’s been another fun week of card reveals for Fire Emblem Cipher! This week’s reveal include a lot of R+ cards for us. These joined-art cards of Pent and Louise from Blazing Sword are the most enchanting of the bunch. Their children, Clarine and Klein from Binding Blade, also appear in the background of the art.

Two more FE7 characters also managed to snag some cards this week. Matthew gets an R+ card signed by his Heroes VA, Sōichirō Hoshi. His love, Leila, also makes her Cipher debut this set.

Laevatein from Heroes finishes up the R+ cards for this week. Her card is also signed by her Japanese VA, Rie Kugimiya. The final two cards revealed this week are for Shadow Dragon. Linde gets her first SR card, the second Archanean SR for the set so far. Gharnef also makes an appearance in his first ever Cipher card.

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