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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Edelgard, Dimitri & Claude Tidbits via Twitter

Following from yesterday’s Tiki post, today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content is a better look at Emblems Edelgard, Dimitri and Claude, also available in Wave 1 of the Expansion Pass.

Their profile:

Emblems Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude (VA: Ai Kakuma, Kaito Ishikawa and Toshiyuki Toyonaga), known as the Emblems of the Three Houses, are three Emblems that reside in a single bracelet.

Similar to Eirika who shares with Ephraim, the three House Leaders all occupy the same slot/bracelet. Internally, they are probably listed as Edelgard.

How do they work?

When synced with Emblems Edelgard/Dimitri/Claude, one of the three is randomly selected during each turn. Their Sync skill “Lineage” grants 120% experience gain.

More precisely, their Sync skill “Friendly Rivalry” is what triggers the rotation.

Anyway, they’re fighting at Firene Castle, training against some Firenese soldiers. Nothing too special, but Alear has the Wille Granz sword. Also, when Engaged with Edelgard, Alear can use Dimitri’s Areadbhar. So weapon-wise, it doesn’t seem to matter which House Leader is currently active.

Edelgard’s sync skill:

Emblem Edelgard’s Sync skill “Flame Gambit” places flames on the opponent and the surrounding squares after combat.

Full name is Gambit: Raging Flames, based on Three Houses.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Expansion Pack Announced & Tour of the Somniel Base!

I thought this might happen; I need a rest, Nintendo!

Anyway, at The Game Awards, Nintendo dropped a trailer for the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass.

Wave 1 will release alongside the game on 20th January 2023, containing:

  • Emblem character – Edelgard, Dimitri & Claude
  • Emblem character – Tiki
  • In-game support items, accessories and Silver Card

Three additional waves will be released throughout 2023.

The trailer also confirms a theory that Eirika and Ephraim will be a shared Emblem.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Japan shared a more in-depth look at Wave 1, plus the future roadmap.

Wave 2

  • New Emblem(s)
  • New support items and accessories

Wave 3

  • New Emblem(s)

Wave 4

  • New story (with new characers, maps and story separate from the main game)
  • New classes

A new story isn’t unexpected, since we had Cindered Shadows for Three Houses. The expansion pass featuring Gradlon’s insignia makes me curious if it’ll explore the Fell Dragon’s sunken realm in more detail…

Also, Nintendo Japan shared a video tour of the Somniel base:

I’ll probably be analysing this video and the rest throughout the weekend, in-between work and sleep.

Oh, there’s more! Nintendo Japan posted a new Topics article covering the Expansion Pass and Somniel, but also sharing info for the 6 remaining Emblems!

Wait, it doesn’t stop there. The official site also updated, with profiles for all the retainers! Unbelievably, my guess for Kagetsu being Ivy’s retainer seems to be correct.

OK, seems like sleep might be off the menu for a while.

Merchandise: First Look at Dimitri & Felix Pop Up Parade Figures!

Last month, Good Smile Company revealed Pop Up Parade figures for Edelgard and Bernadetta, while confirming figures for Dimitri, Felix, Claude and Lysithea.

Today, pre-orders for Dimitri and Felix are now open and we also have images of them, via their product pages. They will be released on December 2022, costing 4,800 Yen each.

As originally outlined, pre-orders for Claude and Lysithea will open during August, presumably with a January 2023 release date.

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

Sculptor: Nekonama (Ikurie)
Approx 180 mm in height.

Product page

Felix Hugo Fraldarius

Sculptor: Nekonama (Ikurie)
Approx 180 mm in height.

Product page

Heroes: Fódlan & Tellius Faves Enjoy a Summer Vacation!

In Fire Emblem Heroes, the summer season is upon us! This time, the summer banner didn’t leak, but it seems something else leaked instead…

Anyway, “Summer Vacation” runs from 17th July 2022 (UTC) and features (presumably) the first of two waves of Summer-themed Heroes.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Heroes are all royalty from Radiant Dawn and Three Houses: Dimitri, Micaiah, Claude and Harmonic Edelgard and Altina.

In addition, Elincia: Seaside Queen will be a Tempest Trials reward. She’ll be a Blue Bow Flier. Other rewards include the Atk/Def Catch 1 and Inf. Hexblade 1 Sacred Seals.

Please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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