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Dragalia Lost: Fire Emblem “Kindred Ties” Event is Now Live!

The second Fire Emblem Heroes crossover event in Dragalia Lost, “Kindred Ties” has now started! The event will be available until the new day begins on 12th May 2020 (UTC).

During this event, players can obtain Sharena for free and try to summon for Chrom, Peony and Tiki. All four are limited-time 5-star units.

To encourage players to stay, certain content–and the ability to summon for Tiki–is locked until 4th May 2020 (UTC).

Earlier, Nintendo and Cygames shared a trailer showcasing Chrom and Peony, who are currently available to summon. For a full breakdown of their abilities (and Sharena’s), please continue to the end of our article.

If you’re interested, the rest of this article will briefly go over the specifics of the event.

Similar to the first crossover event, the game’s title screen has swapped over to a Fire Emblem theme–one that’s clearly inspired by Awakening. Heck, Chrom is more or less doing the same pose!

In case you missed it, the first crossover event, “Lost Heroes”, is currently being re-run and ends at the same time as the new one. Accompanying it is the limited-time banner featuring Marth, Fjorm and Veronica.

“Kindred Ties” is a sequel to “Lost Heroes”; the cast of Dragalia acknowledge the first event multiple times. As such, if you’ve just started Dragalia, we recommend quickly going through the first event before starting the second.

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Dragalia Lost: Chrom, Tiki and Peony Confirmed for Upcoming Fire Emblem “Kindred Ties” Event!

Nintendo and Cygames have shared a new trailer for the second Dragalia Lost x Fire Emblem Heroes crossover event, dubbed “Kindred Ties”. This event will begin on 30th April (UTC) or 29th April (PST).

As we learned earlier, Sharena will be joining as a free Adventurer, like Alfonse in the first crossover event. Meanwhile, the Adventurers that you can summon are Chrom (from Awakening), Tiki (from Mystery of the Emblem etc.) and Peony (from FE Heroes).


We don’t have any detailed info about them right now, but from the looks of things, Sharena is a Light-attuned Lance wielder, Peony is a Light Wand user, Chrom is a Fire Sword (like his ancestor), while Tiki seems to be a Water Dagger.

Similar to Loki in the first event, it appears that Thorr will be making an appearance as an important story NPC.

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Re-run of the Dragalia Lost x Fire Emblem Heroes Crossover Now Live!

To celebrate both the 1 and a half year anniversary of Dragalia Lost and the milestone 30th anniversary of the Fire Emblem series, Dragalia Lost is re-running last year’s Fire Emblem Heroes crossover event.

For the occasion, the Dragalia Lost team shared a cool piece of artwork of pantless, er, classic Marth posing with the Dragalia cast. For those who don’t know the significance, this artwork is a homage to the cover artwork of the very first Fire Emblem game!

Anyway, the FE Heroes re-run will be available until Dragalia’s daily rollover on 12th May 2020 (1 hour before FE Heroes). If you’re interested in learning about the event, please check our article from last year. However, please note that there are a few changes to the event format (as well as the meta).

Most notably, the “Alberian Front” quests, where you protect a castle gate from waves of reinforcements (based on the defense maps in FE) can only be played solo and not in co-op.

For reference, this is what The Alberian Front used to be like. Special thanks to our Prince Of Iris for capturing the footage and TheVinceKnight for carrying our butts! This change streamlinesthe experience, but it can get extremely hectic on Lunatic as you can’t split up to handle multiple threats.

Additionally, there will be a second FE Heroes crossover event in late April. Details are currently scarce, although we do know that Sharena can be obtained as a free character. As soon as we learn more, we’ll be right back!

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Sharena will be given to all Dragalia Lost players during the Fire Emblem Heroes collab later this month!

A quick update regarding the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes x Dragalia Lost event: Everyone participating in Part 2 of the collaboration will receive Sharena!

The Princess of Askr will become a permanent addition to your adventurer roster once you reach maximum friendship points by having her on your team as you play the game.

The reveal was done during this month’s “This Month in Dragalia Lost” news post (which you can read here), where the game’s Director lets the players in on plans for future events, additions, changes, etc..

Part 2 of the crossover event is due to begin “at the end of April” right after Part 1 (a re-run of last year’s Heroes event) ends.

Players who did not get the chance to participate in last year’s event will have their chance this year. Sharena’s brother, Alfonse, was the free unit given to players during the first event, and now players have the opportunity to obtain him this year once more when the re-run begins on the 19th of April.

Fjorm, Marth, and Veronica will also once again be available through summoning during the Part 1 re-run. Additionally, all four playable Heroes featured in Part 1 will receive buffs via unlocked Mana spirals which will increase their level caps and improve their abilities.

There is still no clue as to who will be featured on the Part 2 banner, and I don’t think they will be revealed until much closer to the event. Personally, I’m hoping to see the people’s hero Ike, while other Heroes-specific possibilities could include some of the cast of Book II (Gunnthra, Surtr, etc.) or even Eir from Book III as Vincent had speculated in the initial collab news post last week. Whoever it may be, we’ll keep you posted here once the news drops.