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“Fire Emblem Roundtable Vol. 4” Casual Livestream Scheduled for 12th March (Japan)

A new edition of the Fire Emblem Roundtable YouTube series will be broadcast during 12th March 2022 from 18:00 to 20:00 (Japan time).

The previous Roundtable took place during August of last year. Meanwhile, a seemingly one-off English version, Castle Conversations, was held over a year ago.

As usual, Chief Fehnix (voiced by Takehito Koyasu) will be chatting to voice actors from the series. Please be aware that there will be no new game-related information.

On this occasion, the guests will be:

  • Rie Tanaka (voice of Elimine) – Q and A corner
  • Kentaro Tone (voice of Reinhardt, Wrys and Bartre) – Summoner Duels and FE comedy skits

Heroes: Elimine joins the roster as a Mythic Hero, Banner from Jan 27 until Feb 7

For the Japanese Trailer, click here

Elimine: Scouring Saint, is a flying staff user with an Agility-boosting Astra affinity. She also is an incredibly support-based hero, with a unique C-skill and a staff weapon that doesn’t include Wrathful or Dazzling effect, but comes with a lot of other neat supportive perks, such as Time’s Pulse neutralization.

As per normal, this Mythic banner will bring along 11 other heroes spread across the spectrum of summonables, all recruitable at 8%. The list includes:

  • Blue
    • Hapi
    • Julia (Legendary)
    • Peony
  • Colorless
    • Ashera
    • Claude (Legendary)
  • Green
    • Eitri
    • Fjorm (Legendary)
    • Otr
  • Red
    • Constance
    • Seliph (Legendary)
    • Volke

Additionally, there’s a Spark opportunity for Feh Pass subscribers after 40 summons. Regardless if you’re a Feh Pass holder or not, you’ll also earn a Celestial Stone after 40 summons. Finally, there’s updated to the Meet the Heroes page, for several older characters (Felicia, Hana, Oboro, Hinata, Kaze), and Elimine.

This banner will run from January 27 until February 7. Good luck, Summoners!

For more details on Elimine, click Read More.

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