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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Micaiah Analysis

We hope you enjoyed the New Year holiday! At last, it seems the official Fire Emblem JP Twitter has resumed its scheduled posts.

The Fire Emblem Engage content for today includes Emblem Micaiah’s profile and overview, among other things.

Micaiah’s profile:

Micaiah (VA: Natsuko Kuwatani), known as the Emblem of Dawn, has mysterious powers, such as healing and foreseeing the future.

A bond conversation with Vander:

Now, onto the overview itself:

Micaiah has high Magic and healing capabilities, so she’s great at healing allies. She’s a support and healing-focused Emblem who can allow any ally to wield staves.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Ike Analysis

On Monday, Nintendo Japan dropped a whole bunch of Fire Emblem Engage content, including a new trailer for beginners and a big website update, in addition to the usual scheduled tweets. Here’s a break down of those tweets.

First, Ike’s profile:

Emblem Ike (VA: Michihiko Hagi), known as the Emblem of Radiance, is a renowned mercenary leader with unparalleled fighting prowess.

Next, a conversation between Ike and Alear:

Now for the main part:

Ike excels in offence and durability; the more damage he sustains, the greater his power. Has solid defences and becomes stronger the tougher the situation he’s in, making him a reliable Emblem for luring enemies.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Lucina Analysis

Today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content includes an overview of Emblem Lucina, plus some info on forging, Bond levels and support effects.

First, Lucina’s profile:

Emblem Lucina (VA: Yū Kobayashi), known as the Emblem of Awakening, is an exalted princess who trusts in hope and never yields to despair.

A Bond conversation with Etie:

I had a suspicion, but every conversation between an Emblem and a character has been from one of their Bond conversations. More on this later.

Lucina’s overview:

Lucina is an Emblem whose true power shines when fighting alongside allies; she has spectacular defensive and offensive capabilities when allies are nearby.

At the start, Lucina poses like in her FE Awakening official art, then in her Smash Bros render.

Dual Strike is a Sync skill that lets the user participate in Chain Attacks regardless of their class type. Normally, only Backup classes (like Sword Fighter) can participate in Chain Attacks.

Diamant is fighting a Corrupted here, but he’s not the one with Dual Strike–that would be his younger brother, Alcryst. Chain Attacks deal around 5 damage each, before the normal combat flow begins.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Leif Analysis

Today’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content is an overview video showcasing Emblem Leif.

Like recent overviews, most of the info has been covered already, but there are some new gameplay shots.

First, Leif’s profile:

Emblem Leif (VA: Kenichi Suzumura), known as the Emblem of Genealogy, is a brave prince who carries the blood of two Crusaders.

If you’re confused why Leif is the Emblem of “Genealogy”, this is likely a reference to him being from the 2nd generation. Meanwhile Sigurd is the Emblem of the “Holy War”.

A brief video of Leif chatting to Clanne:

Now onto the overview itself!

Leif can wield many weapons and quickly adapt to the situation. He’s an excellent all-round Emblem who can attack from anywhere, without worrying about weapon or class advantages.

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