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Fire Emblem Engage: Anna Tidbits via Twitter

After Tuesday’s massive content drop, it seems we’re back to the more regular Twitter posts for Fire Emblem Engage.

Today’s post is a minor surprise; rather than continue the Brodian profiles or move to the next country, they decided to showcase Anna instead.

Her profile:

Anna (VA: Saori Seto) is a merchant-in-training. It seems she’s traveling around each country, in search of treasures that can be sold for a high price.

Yup, that’s Anna alright, although it seems to be a less experienced trainee this time?

By the way, we knew Anna was playable via the leaked screenshots and, as it happens, she made a sneaky appearance near the end of the “Engaging with Emblems” trailer.

A battle scene:

There may be a reason they opted to showcase Anna now; it seems she joins relatively early.

Here’s the map. It’s the same Brodian bridge map seen in Alcryst’s showcase etc. This is when Alear and gang confront Hortensia, who’s controlling Emblem Lucina.

Anna herself is a Level 7 Axe Fighter with a Short Axe. There’s also an Iron Axe in her inventory. The other allies are Alear, Vander, Clanne, Framme, Alfred, Céline, Chloé, Etie, Alcryst, Lapis and Citrinne.

Anna moves onto a Defence tile to attack. This grants Avoid +10, HP recovery +10 and negates Break.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Brodia, Diamant and Alcryst Tidbits via Twitter

The official Fire Emblem Japanese Twitter has shared more info for Fire Emblem Engage, related to the militant kingdom of Brodia and its two princes.

First, a description of Brodia:

Brodia is a militant nation founded in the north-west region of Elyos. It’s a prosperous and mighty nation ruled by Morion the Conqueror who values pride and power. Frequently clashes with the neighbouring country of Elusia, home to followers of the Fell Dragon.

As you may know, it seems Brodians are named after rocks and crystals. Morion, its king, is no different–named after a type of smoky quartz.

The bit about the constant skirmishes with Elusia doesn’t surprise me, after we learned Brodia is the “kingdom of might” from the recent trailer. Unfortunately, it seems something terrible will happen during their most recent skirmish…

Next, Diamant’s official art:

Diamant is the crown prince of Brodia and Alcryst’s elder brother. He’s been educated to become the next king and has earned the trust of his citizens.

So far, Alear, Alfred and now Diamant have official full body art. There’s a good chance the other boxart characters–Timerra and Ivy will also have art. I’m curious if any other characters will have full body art though, like the sub characters in the special edition art.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Lumiere & Veyre Tidbits via Twitter

Ooh, we have some more Fire Emblem Engage tidbits already.

First, a quick introduction of Lythos:

The Land of Lythos is ruled by Alear’s mother, Lumiere, the Divine Dragon King. Located in the centre of Elyos, it’s a sacred realm with sunny grasslands and a refreshing breeze across the calm plateau. Alear slept at one of Lythos’s floating isles for 1000 years.

Yup, that matches with where Lythos would be in the tapestry. You could also see the same castle in the background when Alear encounters a Divine Dragon. Anyway, I’m assuming that bit of land to the far left, connected by the bridge is the “floating isle” where Alear slept. Or is the entire landmass floating?

Next, a profile for Lumiere:

Lumiere (VA: Kotono Mitsuishi) is Alear’s mother, the ruler of the Divine Dragons that govern the Land of Lythos. She’s a hero who saved the continent by cooperating with humans during the conflict with the Fell Dragon 1000 years ago.

Here’s a video where Alear meets her:

The pieces are coming together. During the previous trailer analysis, I was wondering why a Divine Dragon was shooting a beam towards the direction of Alear. So one of my guesses was correct: she was aiming at enemies behind Alear.

Also it’s nice that we get to see Lumiere early on. Presumably this is after the first map (that we know of), when Alear joins forces with Vander, Framme and Cramme and, at some point, summons Marth for the first time. It seems they’re following the trope of “more enemies, even after the fight.”

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Fire Emblem Engage: World-building Tidbits via Twitter

Following yesterday’s new Fire Emblem Engage trailer, “The Divine Dragon Awakens!”, the official Japanese Twitter account has resumed posting.

First, some info about Alear’s mother.

“Lumiere” the Divine Dragon King is Alear’s mother. She watched over Alear who was sleeping at the Land of Lythos for a thousand years. When Alear was attacked by unknown assailants, she protected them and entrusted them with gathering the rings to bring peace to the world.

OK, at this point, I don’t think it’s worth hiding the spoiler…

In the trailer, it wasn’t explicitly stated that she was Alear’s mother, but we can now be 100% she is (unless there’s a plot twist later on).

Her name surprised me. Because it matches with one of the leaked screenshots from June.

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