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Berwick Saga Receives English Translation and Live Stream Now!

If you haven’t heard or seen much of Kaga’s older work, then you may not be terribly familiar with his influence on Fire Emblem. He’s widely recognized as the father of the franchise, and after his last Fire Emblem title was released on the Super Nintendo, he did produce a few other games for the Playstation and Playstation 2. Among these is Berwick Saga, a 2005 JRPG featuring gameplay similar to Fire Emblem, but not completely…You’ll have to see what I mean by looking into the game’s mechanics, including its hexagonal play grid, among other features.


Serenes Forest user Aethin has been hard at work, assembling a fantastic English translation of this Japanese-exclusive title for players to finally enjoy in our English-dominant region. He’s completed about 2/3 of the translation project (66.2% to be precise), and another Serenes Forest user Lord Raven has been working with Aethin as a player of the game to showcase it for the world to enjoy.

I strongly suggest tuning into Lord Raven’s Twitch channel (Click there), where he and Aethin will be streaming the game live, and responding to Twitch Chat). If you miss the stream, you can still keep up with Aethin’s work and the translation here, in its SF thread.

Vestaria Saga I Official English Translation in the Works

In an unexpected development, S_Kaga revealed on his blog that his first title in the Vestaria Saga series will be officially translated into English.

Released during September of 2016, Vestaria Saga I received a lot of praise from Japanese and overseas fans for its intense strategical gameplay and well-developed story.

At the time, many fans were clamouring for an English translation. According to S_Kaga, an overseas publisher who’s been involved with localisation has since stepped in to translate the game.

The key things to know are that a release is not yet guaranteed, but provided everything goes to plan, a formal announcement will be made during 2018. Additionally, the English version will be a paid release, despite the original being free.

Note: All images belong to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.

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