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Heroes: September to October Calendar & “New Power” Banner w/ Year 2 Brave Heroes!

It’s that time of the month again! The Fire Emblem Heroes team has shared the content calendar for mid September to mid October 2020.

Key dates to look out for include 18th September, which signals the arrival of new Heroes, 30th September, when the next Mythic Hero descends, and 8th October, when more Special Heroes will be tugging at your Orb wallets. (All dates are in PST.)

As usual, skip to the very end for the text version of the calendar!

Also worthy of note, as per tradition, there’s currently a banner featuring the four Heroes who recently received new weapon refinery upgrades: the Brave versions of Hector, Celica, Veronica and Ephraim. This will be around until the daily rollover on 16th September (UTC).

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Heroes: Hero Fest Compensation Orbs & August to September Calendar!

Earlier, there was an oversight in the Feh’s Summer Celebration Hero Fest (and the corresponding Starter Support Hero Fest) where 5-star Heroes removed from the summoning pool were still available. This has been fixed now and all players can receive 15 Orbs as an apology.

In addition, if you were unlucky (or lucky?) enough to summon one of these 5-star Heroes, you’ll have received the same number of 5-star focus Heroes of the summoning stone colour. For example, for every Luke, you would receive a Sothis.

Now, what to save these Orbs for… Perhaps the on-going Pirate’s Pride banner or maybe the upcoming Choose Your Legends Round 4 winners arriving later this month?

On the subject of the future, here’s the event calendar for mid August through mid September.

Unless we’ve been reading the signs wrong, 18th August (PST) is when we’re getting the new Brave Heroes from CYL4. There will be another Feh Channel soon, which will contain futher details.

Next, there will be a new Legendary Hero on 31st August (PST). Finally, another batch of Special Heroes will descend on 8th September (PST). Will these be our performing/festival Heroes?

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Heroes: Next Resplendent Hero is Robin from Hel & July to August Event Calendar!

Following the release of Resplendent Minerva in Fire Emblem Heroes, the next Resplendent Hero to be revealed is male Robin, rocking new duds from Hel. He’ll be available for Feh Pass subscribers from 25th July 2020 (UTC).

Please visit the Feh Pass website to see more artwork and preview some of his voice lines. If you’ve been following the Resplendent skins, this is the first time a Hero’s been caught wearing Hel fashion. Who’s going to be the first to dress up a like fairy?

While you ponder that, here’s the event calendar for mid July through mid August:

Key dates are (in PST) 20th July for the next batch of new Heroes, 30th July for the next Mythic Hero and 7th August for more Special Heroes (more dancers?). As usual, please continue for the text version of the calendar.

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Heroes: Double Special Heroes Banner & June/July Event Calendar!

After taking a brief break, the official FE Heroes Twitter is back, with some useful information to share too.

Firstly, there’s currently a Double Special Heroes summoning event, featuring Special Heroes from Christmas 2019 (Zephiel, Duo Marth, Sothis and Nino), some from New Year 2020 (Duo Alfonse, Selkie and Lethe) and Valentine Conrad.

To make summoning more enticing, the 5-star focus rate starts at 6% and the non-focus rate is 0%. This summoning event will be around until the daily rollover on 25th June 2020 (UTC).

Next, the thing many of you were probably waiting for: the next event calendar, covering early June to July 2020 is now here!

Of note, new Special Heroes will be arriving on 18th June, then there’s the next Legendary Hero during 30th June, followed by another bunch of Special Heroes on 8th July. Well, well, it looks like it’s time for the annual double whammy of swimsuit banners!

Please continue for the text version of the calendar!

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