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Heroes: Event Calendar for August & September

If you’ve been waiting for news on upcoming events, Heroes has you covered. The Event Calendar for August & September is now available! Check it out below. You can also hit the “Read More” button at the bottom for a full text breakdown.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up soon, including a GHB for the Death Knight, the new Lost Lore event, and a likely CYL3 Banner on the 16th! It looks like the next Tempest Trials event might be based on Brave Heroes as well. The very last thing listed on the calendar is a new batch of Special Heroes coming out 6 September.

Furthermore, the Feh Summer Celebration keeps on rolling! Today, Feh gives us a rerun of the Heroes with Stance Skills banner, featuring Shiro, F!Morgan, and Zelgius. The Saias GHB also makes a triumphant return. The banner will be here for just 24 hours, while Saias will be here for a full two days.

Last up is a new Tactics Drills featuring some new Three Houses heroes. Do your best to complete it!

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Heroes: Event Calendar for June to start of July

A new event calendar for Fire Emblem Heroes has been provided to replace the one that just expired. This one looks really busy as well, as Summer begins to rear its head.

Highlights include two new Special Hero banners starting from 20th June and 9th July. Given the timing, these are probably both Summer-themed, like the two previous years. Both will be accompanied by Tempest Trials. Meanwhile, the next Legendary Hero will debut on 28th June.

Please keep reading for a text breakdown of the calendar.

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Heroes: Haar GHB is here, and April Event Calendar released!

You probably expected a Laguz Grand Hero Battle to run alongside the four Laguz in the recently released banner, but it was Haar all along!

From today until the 18th of April, 6:59am UTC, you can earn yourself up to three copies of Haar: Black Tempest (1 x 3-star, 2 x 4-star) and 2,000 Feathers by completing all available difficulties (Hard, Lunatic, Infernal) of this GHB.

Haar himself is another Axe Flier similar to the likes of Gerome and Cherche. His stats and abilities are:

Stats at 5-Star Level 40: HP: 45, Atk: 37, Spd: 25, Def: 36, Res: 18.

Weapon: Brave Axe+
Assist: Swap
B-skill: Guard 3
C-skill: Odd Def Wave 3 (available at 4-star rarity)

Also released today is the event calendar for the next month!

Click the image below to see a larger version.

Click on “Read more” to view a text version of the calendar.

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Heroes: Special Hero Summon (Year 2), TT Details, & New Event Calendar!

The Fire Emblem Heroes 2nd Anniversary celebration continues! Now that we’re a week in, all players have access to the Special Hero Summon (Year 2). All players can choose one free summon, guaranteed to be a 5★ Special Hero from the last year!

If you’re not sure what colour to choose, take a look at this colour breakdown:

  • Red: Bridal Tharja, Summer Tiki, Summer Tana, Festival Micaiah, Halloween Myrrh, New Years Gunnthrá, New Years Hríd
  • Blue: Valentine’s Lyn, Spring Catria, Bridal Ninian, Summer Cordelia, Summer Camilla, Festival Ryoma, Halloween Niles, Christmas Ephraim
  • Green: Valentine’s Lilina, Valentine’s Hector, Spring Alfonse, Spring Sharena, Bridal Sanaki, Summer Innes, Festival Elincia, Halloween Kagero, Christmas Fae, New Years Fjorm
  • Colourless: Valentine’s Roy, Spring Kagero, Summer Linde, Summer Noire, Summer Takumi, Festival Xander Halloween Mia, Christmas Eirika, New Years Laegjarn

We also have another new daily banner today, this time for Ike & Soren’s BHB. It contains 5★ focus units for Ike, Soren, and Elincia.

Additionally, we now have more details for the upcoming TT event. Tempest Trials+: Greil’s Request starts tomorrow! In preparation, you can summon from another banner, this time containing focus units for Ike, Oscar, and Mia. We also get another Log-In Bonus!

As you might expect, those three heroes will be Bonus Allies in the event, along with the four Valentine’s Heroes in the Greil’s Devoted banner. The final ally is Valentine’s Titania, who you will earn during the course of the event.

In addition to Titania, you’ll be able to earn two new Sacred Seals (Acrobatics 1 and Torrent Dance 1) and an Astra Blessing. Of course, there will be lots of Orbs, too!

Finally, we also get a new Event Calendar to cover the next month! Check it out here:

The next month looks pretty exciting, with two New Heroes events, a new Grand Hero Battle, Forging Bonds, and many more! It also gives a firm date for the special 2nd Anniversary Heroes banner, which will contain the heroes voted for in the Find and Vote Heroes event. That will start on 25 Feb.

Click on Read More for a full text breakdown of the calendar, including corrected dates.

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