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Heroes: Grand Conquests – Back to Tellius

A reminder for Fire Emblem Heroes players: the next Grand Conquests event is currently underway. Unsurprisingly, the setting is once again the continent of Tellius, but this time with a Radiant Dawn flavour.

Summoners will be randomly aligned with the armies of Micaiah, Sanaki and the Black Knight. Apparently, the best way to foster national relationships is to beat the crap out of each other. The poor Black Knight seems distressed about his prolonged existence as well…

Anyway, as par for the course, the event will be divided into three battles, each lasting around 2 days. You can earn rewards (including Orbs and Hero Feathers) for your total score, territory occupied and ranking in your team. Don’t worry, nobody’s stolen any Orbs this time!

Heroes: Grand Conquests – Tellius Edition

The continent of Tellius from Path of Radiance is the stage for a new Grand Conquests event in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Summoners can join forces with Ike, Soren or Titania from the Greil Mercenaries to vie for territory in Western Tellius. Presumably, Micaiah and company will be fighting across Eastern Tellius at a later date.

As usual, the event is divided into 3 rounds each lasting around two days. You can earn rewards (including Orbs and Hero Feathers) for your total score, territory occupied and ranking in your team.

Heroes: Grand Conquests – Back to Elibe

We hope you all got some cool gifts yesterday–or, if not, that you had a safe and happy time! Anyway, another Grand Conquests event has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Twenty years prior to Cecilia teaching Roy and Lilina how to take over the continent of Elibe, their predecessors–Lyn, Eliwood and Hector–had already made a sport out of this. Perhaps it all started when a sparring match got completely out of hand?

As with previous Grand Conquests, the event is divided into three rounds that last around 2 days each. During this time, you can earn rewards based on your overall tier, your team’s area score and your rank within your team. There are also quests for each round.

By the way, if you haven’t completed the Three Princesses quests, this could be a good time to stack them. For instance, the first round gives a boost to Flying allies, making it an ideal battlefield for Eir.

Heroes: Nifl vs. Muspell Voting Gauntlet underway!

Welcome to a new – you guessed it – Fire Emblem Heroes update! Today is the first day of the Nifl vs. Muspell Voting Gauntlet, which sees the four Heroes of these two lands being pitted against each other.

The first round match-ups are as follows, with each bracket featuring a battle between Nifl and Muspell:

So you can look forward to Fjorm facing off against her nemesis Surtr, a battle between the eldest siblings with Hrid and Laegjarn, and even some kind of confusing “friend or foe?” match between Ylgr and Helbendi.

If you need them, Hrid, Gunnthra and Laevatein can still be summoned from November’s Legendary Hero banner (but only for around 10 more hours), Surtr and Ylgr obviously still have their debut banner, while Laegjarn and Helbendi are in the Voting Gauntlet banner.

That just leaves Fjorm, but you did get her from completing Chapter 1 of Book 2, right…?

Also, the December monthly quests have recently started, so if you want to stack some of the monthly Training Tower and Arena quests with the Voting Gauntlet quests, now’s your chance!