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Heroes: 1st Grand Hero Battle Coming 2/10!

As announced on both @FE_Heroes_JP and the in-game Fire Emblem Heroes notifications screen, a new event will be starting this Friday!

The Grand Hero Battle starts on February 10th and runs through the 14th. As shown in the silhouette, we will likely be able to recruit Narcian from Binding Blade during this event.

The Japanese Tweet states that he will have a 3★ rating, so this will be the first chance you have to gain a 3★ hero without paying orbs.

Update: As suspected, the character obtained from the first Grand Hero Battle is indeed Narcian.

Compared to regular Hero Battles, Grand Hero Battles are extremely challenging. The Normal map (which awards 2★ Narcian) has a recommended Level of 25, while the Hard variant (which awards 3★ Narcian) suggests 35.

Like other Hero Battles, if any of your allies fall, you will get a Game Over. On top of this, you cannot continue a failed battle by using a Light’s Blessing or an Orb.

Heroes: Weekly Special Map with Orbs Incoming

Fire Emblem Heroes has been out for 3 full days now and the launch celebrations just keep coming!

Today, the official Japanese Twitter account has revealed that a new batch of special maps–the “Launch Celebration Present Maps”–will be arriving tomorrow (6th February, 7 AM UTC).

Note: This is a translation and the actual name of the maps may differ in the English version.

What makes these maps special is that each map awards 3 Orbs upon completion. In addition there are two difficulty levels, allowing for a total of 6 Orbs per unique map.

These maps will be released one at a time for 5 weeks. Which if you do the Maths, allows for a possible of 30 Orbs if you complete all 5 maps on both difficulties.

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