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Collab for Extra Life Charity Event (Team FE) Closes Out With a Huge Success

Assuming you’ve been keeping up with our front page posts this month, our friends at Reddit subs r/FireEmblem and r/FireEmblemHeroes, or perhaps just my personal Twitter, you know that I partnered up with r/FEH mod /u/DarkDogDemon for the second year in a row, to put what was our second collaborative charity benefit, Team FE’s ThanksFEving. We hosted the event to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals through the Extra Life campaign, and while we were anticipating success, we were floored at just how well things went.

Twitch and YouTube (for VoDs/Rewatches), in case you missed anything.

We opted to change things up for viewer convenience (and a little bit of a technical breather) from a single 24-hour streaming session, to four 12-hour sessions, spread across each Saturday in November. This effectively doubled our event time, and also made us easier to watch by our largely North American audience. What it also did was make things much easier for both player and guest appearance scheduling, as this year, showcasing the players was not the only side-objective of our event…

Not counting the several voice actors that offered up their hand in signing some goodies for giveaways/raffles/incentives (yes that pun was intended), we had more than fifteen voice actors and actresses join us live, on stream, to support the cause. Returning names include Greg Chun, our huge hit from 2017’s single VO appearance, as well as friend of Serenes Forest Rena Strober, both of whom shattered expectations and really made the event a memorable one with their contributions on top of their appearances. Not to sell the others short, we also had appearances from Brianna Knickerbocker, Rob Clotworthy, Kyle Hebert, Kaiji Tang, Kyle McCarley, Chris Hackney, Misty Lee, David Vincent, Yuri Lowenthal, Allegra Clark (twice), Christian La Monte, Carrie Keranen, Angela Marie Volpe, and to top it off with the VO that was on with us live as we beat our $10k goal, Lauren Landa (Several of which, also offered up their pen in support). It was a massive turnout, and I don’t know quite know how we’re going to top this next year.

Reddit’s r/FEH official Thank You post

To summarize our success, where we managed to raise $3,540 last year, this year we managed to raise $13,000 of our $10,000 goal, which was nothing short of monumental. It’s impossible for me to express my gratitude to the community, but with support from our players/commentary team (NairoGwimpageKirbymastahMekkahAbdallahSmash026Lord RavenGeneral Horace, Aethin, Aggro, Shephen, Funny Valentine, Gradivus, GreyWulfos, and Nimious) our artists (Soeda IppeiciarretecchenRavenide, and 24914), our technical streamer (N7_Commander_John), the support team featuring designers, advertising blasters and chat mods from all of our supporting communities (Artists of Askr, FE Compendium and the two FE subreddits), our sponsors at  Unlocked, and anyone else who just helped our event either through contribution or simply word of mouth, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you’d like to support us in the future for our 2019 event, and don’t quite know how, please contact myself by way of:

Team FE Presents Extra Life: Day 3, Nov. 17 11a – 11p PT

I’m back, with an update on Team FE’s third day of exciting Fire Emblem themed shenanigans! We’re set to go live in about 20 hours, and if you thought Day 2 was a doozy, you’re not ready for Day 3. Before that though, an update on our Day 2 success, and a reminder of what we’re doing this all for.

Team FE was able to raise $3,245 in our first two 12-hour days, which is absolutely amazing! Considering that last year, our single day, 24-hour straight event brought in roughly that same amount ($3,540), things have been going quite smoothly and in my opinion, just as successfully. We’ve still got a lot planned, and with the 24th being our last day, we have to make the second half of this event a memorable one.

With the schedule right there, click here to Watch, here to Catch Up, and here to Donate

Where last year’s focus was on speedgaming, this year has highlighted a metric ton of voice talent in the franchise, bringing in six voice actors on-stream during our event so far, not counting the ones joining us tomorrow, or others that offered up autographs for signing merchandise. Speaking of…our schedule for November 17th foresees special appearances by a high range of talented voice actors in the Fire Emblem franchise, including:

Aside from our voice actors, you can see games played by familiar faces, including Kirbymastah, Mekkah, Gwimpage, Lord Raven (not our Staff’s Raven) and a strange amalgamation of Team FE members that may even include yours truly. for a rousing game of Quiplash. Finally, we’ll be highlighting several artists during some interview sessions, such as reappearances from SF’s ciarre and Reddit’s Tecchen, as well as a new contributor to our event, 24914. If you miss a chance to interact with anyone but want to score a second chance, either visit our forums, hang out at the subreddits, or for the voice actors, check out their Twitter profiles and Unlocked* profiles. With so many big names coming aboard, you won’t want to miss tomorrow!

As far as Unlocked goes, it’s an iOS app (in Beta for Android devices as I type this), which allows fans to engage in conversation with voice actors, artists, cosplayers and other big names within the anime and gaming community, via livestreaming through mobile devices (sort of like Facebook Live). David Vincent is one of the creative minds behind this app’s existence, and it’s pretty fun to use. I’ve had my fair share of conversations with voice actors that joined us this year, and it’s a great way to support talented contributors to the things that make games as enjoyable as they are.

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Serenes Forest Teams Up with Reddit for Extra Life 2018, Starting in 12 Hours!

Denizens of Serenes, if you recall last year’s Extra Life event, and were craving more, well look no further than this post, as we’re about 12 hours away from Team FE’s Extra Life 2018 event!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, then listen up! Myself and others here at Serenes Forest, as well as Reddit’s r/fireemblem and r/FireEmblemHeroes, have teamed up again to create TeamFE to raise money for Extra Life, which helps support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals across the U.S. November 3rd is Extra Life’s official “Game Day”, which we ran during last year, but after seeing the positive input from both participants and viewers, we decided to throw that one day idea out the window, and come back harder, with four 12-hour shifts of Fire Emblem, spanning across each Saturday in November. As mentioned above, our first day kicks off super in just about 12 hours!

Click Here to watch the show at Twitch.TV/rFireEmblemHeroes


On the 3rd, we’ll be joined by Brianna Knickerbocker (voice of Sakura, Ninian, Charlotte, Est) and Robert Clotworthy (voice of Black Knight, Zelgius, Finn), as well as showcasing gameplay from Reddit mod /u/DarkDogDemon, as well as two big names in the Fire Emblem gameplay community, Kirbymastah and Gwimpage. What are we bringing? Three Fire Emblem games, including one that’ll be sure to garner the attention of Ninian fans.

Artwork supplied by Reddit user /u/Tecchen

What about the other days? We’re still ironing out a few things, but I can assure you that there will be quite a bit of voice actor presence, a great variety of games, and even some appearances from other players that you yourselves may recognize, such as AbdallahSmash, PheonixMaster1 and Kyle McCarley (the voice of Alm). This doesn’t even cover the prizes, which includes (but is not limited to) a pretty pile of Fire Emblem Cipher cards,, Cipher box sets, and even artwork donated by Fire Emblem Heroes artist Soeda Ippei. You won’t want to miss it!

Yep, that’s signed by Matt Mercer himself.

Prizes for Nov 3rd’s event include:

  • $10 USD ENTRY [6 WINNERS]: Individual FE Cipher Cards of Sully and Elincia, signed by Amanda Miller (whom voices each)
  • $25 USD ENTRY [1 WINNER]: Set of 2 Holo FE Cipher Cards of Sully and Elincia respectively, signed by Amanda Miller (whom voices each)
  • $50 USD ENTRY [1 WINNER]: A One-Of-A-Kind piece of art drawn and signed by Soeda Ippei (artist of many characters in Heroes, such as Dorcas and Garon)
  • $75 USD ENTRY [1 WINNER]: Chrom Amiibo In Box signed by Matt Mercer (Voice of several characters, including Chrom and Ryoma)

If you’re wondering how prizes will work this year, or want some more details on the event, keep reading!

You can find more about Extra Life here.

You can read the first Reddit post about this year’s event here.

You can find Reddit’s first blogpost about the event here.

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Join Team Fire Emblem for Extra Life this November!

Rallying all Fire Emblem fans! This November, Team Fire Emblem–made up of contributors from r/fireemblem, r/FireEmblemHeroes and Serenes Forest–will be coming together to raise money for Extra Life, which helps support Children Miracle Network Hospitals across the U.S..

Artwork by Tecchen and Yumekaze.

Last year, Team Fire Emblem got together for the first time to organise a 28 hour livestream for Extra Life. There were speedruns of a dozen Fire Emblem games by many notable community members, an interview with Greg Chun (the voice of Ike and Ephraim etc.) and loads of cool prizes. In the end, we raised a total of $3,540!

This year, we’re hoping to massively top that. For starters, we’ll be holding four 12-hour livestreams–one during each Saturday of November. So on the 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th. That equates to a whopping 48 hours of content throughout the month!

During that time, there will be speedruns as before, but also Fire Emblem game showcases, a Heroes tourney featuring some of your favourite personalities, at least 5 times as many voice actor interviews and a bucket-load of prizes–including an unmissable grand prize!

If you’re unsure what Extra Life is, you can visit the official website for all the important details. Reddit itself has a blog post with additional information. For specific information about what Team Fire Emblem is planning, you can check out our announcement post and follow up post on Reddit.

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