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Famitsu details on FE Warriors in depth

We finally, after nearly 5 months of waiting have some proper information on the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors.

First off we’ll go over some translated tidbits, all of which come from this week’s issue of Famitsu.

Two original protagonists: Shion and Lian. They are twins from the Kingdom of Aitriss and the children of Queen Yuana.

Shion (VA: Yūma Uchida – Who voices Rock Howard in The King of Fighters XIV in terms of recent game roles.)

The royal prince of the Kingdom of Aitriss. Aspires to be a knight who fights on the front-lines rather than a king and thus encourages his twin sister Lian to inherit the throne.

Lian (VA: Māya Uchida – Who voices Sharena in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Heroes.)

Shion’s older twin sister. Clever and is understanding of her own faults, so she has no desire to inherit the throne. Rather, she encourages Shion to become king.

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Warriors: Famitsu Teases New Original Characters

After a quiet spell, we finally have some new details about Fire Emblem Warriors courtesy of preview images of this week’s Famitsu, which releases this Thursday.

As expected, Warriors will feature original characters in addition to the existing heroes from throughout the series–starting with twin protagonists Shion and Lian (names are subject to change).

At the moment, we only have tiny images to go off, so it’s impossible to make out any concrete information about the duo. We do see both of them with Marth in the screenshots, so presumably they will exist simultaneously in the story.

The second preview image focuses on Marth from Shadow Dragon–the second fighter to be confirmed, following Chrom from Awakening. As the hero of the very first Fire Emblem and one of the series’s icons, his addition shouldn’t come as a shock.

In the top-right corner, there’s a mention of the Kingdom of Aitriss being engulfed in war. One can assume this is the friendly nation that Shion and Lian hail from–and we would not be surprised if they were Idrisian royalty.

To the left is a screenshot of Marth shaking hands with a currently unknown character. It’s definitely not Shion or Lian due to the different hair colour and clothes and it’s also hard to tell if it’s an existing character or a new one.

That’s about it for the previews, but this week’s issue will include at least 2 more double-page spreads. The two pages after Marth focus on Chrom, while there’s also a staff interview at the end. (The numbers 10 to 13 refer to Marth and Chrom’s pages.)

Famitsu Reviews Echoes with Franchise High

If you’re an avid review reader, then you’ve probably heard of Famitsu, one of Japan’s most prominent gaming publications. Today, Famitsu published an article covering their ratings of Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia. Fans can continue to have high hopes for the game, as Famitsu awarded the game with a 37/40, which is the highest score they’ve ever given to a Fire Emblem game.

One of our reliable translators, Kirokan, was kind enough to fully translate the Famitsu reviews:

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Echoes: Famitsu Reveals Mila’s Gear and Berkut

Earlier, Fire Emblem Echoes information from the 30th March 2017 issue of Famitsu started leaking. Now that the issue is officially in the wild, it’s time for us to bring out the magnifying glass once again! (Whoa, twice in one day.)

Note: A big thanks to Famigeki for the Famitsu images.

As we mentioned in our report of the Japanese official website, some of the information is the same between Famitsu and the official website. Which isn’t a surprise since some people don’t read one or the other. As such, we’ll only cover what’s new.

The most notable addition, briefly detailed on the 2nd page, is Mila’s Gear, a valuable contraption that can peer into the past and the future. With Mila’s Gear in your possession, you can rewind the actions of units one unit at a time.

In the example, Mae got KO’d by a Mercenary on Turn 1. From the looks of things, you can rewind back to before the Mercenary attacked and try again. However, the author mentions that there are limits and it can’t be easily abused.

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