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Heroes: Resplendent Faye & Golden Week Events

The next Resplendent Hero has been revealed as Faye: Devoted Heart.

This Emblian themed version of Faye will be available for subscribers from 10th May 2022 (UTC). You can check her artwork (by Mikuro) and voice samples over here.

Also, in case you missed it, Golden Week events are currently happening in-game until 13th May 2022 (UTC).

There are five Hero Fest summoning events, each featuring the winners of Choose Your Legends from years 1 to 5. By completing celebratory quests, you can earn 4 First Summon Tickets for each summoning event–for a total of 20 tickets.

Besides that, Chief Fehnix is currently taking over the official Twitter account. On top of the usual duties, he’s running a crafty quiz with an unknown prize.

Heroes: February’s Feh Channel Announces CYL 4 Winners, Upcoming Lovely Gifts Summoning Event, QoL Improvements and More

Greetings, Summoners! It’s that time of year again, in which we get not only another Feh Channel, but the first one of 2020. What does Feh see in store for this one?

In this ~23 minute video, we’re greeted by Fehnix, the Chief of the Sovereign Order of Avian Reporters, Feh’s boss, who is standing in for Feh while she takes a vacation and teaches Xander to swim.

We start with a quick Choose Your Legends 4 winner squad, featuring in the Ladies bracket, winner Edelgard and runner-up Lysithea, and in the Mens bracket, winner Dimitri and runner-up Claude. There wasn’t much else to share, just their placement being confirmed, for their inevitable special version release.

All four pictures of the winners showcased their War Arc artwork, so I’d bet an Orb that their alts will be based on their War Arc appearances. The full results can be seen here.

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