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Japan: Genealogy of the Holy War coming to Super Famicom – Nintendo Switch Online library May 26

Nintendo Switch Online recruits a new classic Fire Emblem title.

Nintendo has announced more retro games to be available to play for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers at no extra cost starting May 26th. While the lineup update won’t be the same across regions, users with access to the Japanese Super Famicom app will soon be able to play Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War on Nintendo Switch.

Check out some official gameplay footage of Genealogy of the Holy War on Nintendo Switch in a video montage with other titles here.

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Making of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of Changes

Around a month ago, Genealogy of the Holy War celebrated its 20th anniversary. Recent Fire Emblem games owe a lot to Genealogy for introducing hugely popular gameplay elements such as special skills, marriage and children.

Sigurd lineart; scan provided by Kirokan.

Therefore, it’s very appropriate that our next “Making Of” article delves into the development history of this crucial entry in the series. As before, we’ve teamed up with the extremely hard-working Kirokan from Kantopia to bring you all the juicy details.

Unlike previous articles, the information we’ve gathered does not come from development documents included in the Making of Fire Emblem book, but naturally during the course of interviews with key Fire Emblem staff.

Genealogy is first brought up when Masahiro Higuchi, currently a producer at Intelligent Systems, discussed his first involvement with the Fire Emblem series. Back then, Higuchi was a graphic designer who worked on designing Genealogy’s dynamic map sprites.

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