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Fire Emblem Heroes: 6th Anniversary Feh Channel & Choose Your Legends 7 Winners

Today, Fire Emblem Heroes celebrates its 6th anniversary. Like previous years, Nintendo shared an anniversary Feh Channel video.

Highlights include the winners of this year’s Choose Your Legends event.

Congratulations to male Robin, Gullveig, Soren and female Corrin for achieving the 1st and 2nd places in the male and female divisions!

(By the way, the top 4 were leaked by the website moments before the announcement, similar to previous years.)

Next, the upcoming Valentine’s banner will be centred on Fire Emblem Fates. The featured Heroes will be Takumi, Leo, Hana and Duo Elise with Sakura. Effie will be the Tempest Trials reward.

(Likewise, the banner line up was leaked in advance.)

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Heroes: Book VII Feh Channel

A new Feh Channel showcasing Book VII is now available to watch.

After dealing with the conflict between Askr and Embla, the Order of Heroes head to Vanaheimr, the realm of light, to stop an evil sorceress who can control time.

In the Book VII opening, we’re introcued to Seiðr (the freebie Mythic Hero), Heiðr (her “little sister”) and Gullveig (the antagonist).

The artist is once again Yoshiku, who drew the characters for Book IV.

Next, we have some details for the first summoning event for Book VII. More children from FE Fates will be making their debut, alongside an infamous villain.

Caeldori, Dwyer, Rearmed Ophelia and Seiðr will be the featured Heroes in the “Book VII Begins: Seiðr and More” summoning event.

Meanwhile, Kiragi will be available from quests and Hans from the next Grand Hero Battle.

Besides all that, Feh shared various details for the Version 7.0 update. The biggest ones being:

  • Otherworld Bonds: Can be used to recruit one Hero from a Binding Worlds event as a Forma. Similar to Hall of Forms, but they also have max Dragonflowers. Will be limited to Heroes added between Version 1.0 and 4.11.
  • Arena First Summon Tickets: In each Arena season after the update, the reward for 5 consecutive victories in Arena is a special type of First Summon Ticket that guarantees a Hero from the 4-star Special pool.

Heroes: September Feh Channel & New Heroes with Rearmed Líf

Ahead of the next New Heroes trailer, the Fire Emblem Heroes team have dropped a surprise Feh Channel on us.

First up is a cinematic trailer showcasing Líf’s struggles. You can also view it separately, here.

Rearmed Heroes

Afterwards, we’re introduced to a new version of him, Líf: Arcane Blade. Nope, this isn’t Ascended Líf, but a new type of Hero known as Rearmed Heroes.

Rearmed Heroes have unique “Arcane Weapons” that can be inherited by other Heroes. In addition, when using Rearmed Heroes as a source ally for inheriting skills, the Rearmed Hero will not disappear. However, they cannot be used as a source ally for inheritance a second time.

After being used as a source ally for inheritance, the Rearmed Hero will retain all of their previous skills too. They’ll also function exactly like other Heroes, so you can still merge them etc.

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Heroes: June Feh Channel for Book VI Midpoint

It’s been a while, but a new Feh Channel has been released ahead of the halfway point of Book VI.

Before Feh delivers the news, we’re treated to a new story trailer, “Destiny Closes In”, which you can also watch separately here.

Teased at the end of the current chapter, we finally have a glimpse of Lady Embla, plus Lord Askr and even Veronica in a new getup.

Book VI Midpoint Celebrations

To celebrate this new development, there will be a special log-in bonus and quests.

Altogether, you can earn 120 of each Dragonflower, 60 Divine Dew, 60 Refining Stones, 3 Orbs, 50 Heroic Grails, 45 Sacred Coins, 1,000 Hero Feathers, 12,000 Universal Shards, 36,000 Universal Crystals, 120 Divine Codes (3), 6 Stamina Potions and 12 Dueling Swords.

Three Hopes Celebrations

This month, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will be releasing on the 24th. Cue another excuse to hand out goodies!

First up, there will be 13 banners featuring 3 characters each from the Academy arc. These will be added daily, each lasting 4 days.

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