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Feh Channel Chills Out: What’s Coming to Heroes?

It’s been a pretty exciting buildup to wait for the first Feh Channel livestream of the year, and if you missed it, you missed a lot!

For starters, we’re greeted by our adorable Feh, as we’re introduced to a cake made especially for Feh’s first birthday (January 18) by the Heroes development team. She’s quite excited. Pay close attention to the macarons on top of the cake, as they’re today’s Orbs for news.

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Incoming Feh Channel | Jan. 30 at 11:30 PT

As if things weren’t exciting enough for Summoners, what with the New Years Banner coming to a close and Lyon setting the stage for the latest Tempest Trials, @NintendoAmerica gave us a sneak peek at an upcoming Feh Channel video, with a mere 24 hour warning!

This is bound to be a doozy of a 15 minute spectacle, as this will mark the quickly approaching one-year anniversary of this now award-winning mobile game. Perhaps the Choose Your Legends 2 results will be posted, or perhaps something special for the Askr siblings and Anna. I would personally enjoy an update to what can be done with friends. What do you think we’ll hear announcements on?

If you want to watch, keep an eye on Nintendo Mobile’s YouTube Channel, or just click here to be brought straight to the livestream. For clarity, it’s due to start at 7:30pm PST (11:30pm EST) on January 30th.

Heroes: FEH Channel Covers 1.9, New Units and More!

Feh is back, and with quite a bit of news to enter the holiday season with. She covered quite a bit in her latest Feh Channel update, including new plot events, weapon forging, new character additions of fan favorites, and much much more.

If you were hoping to catch the latest Feh Channel update, but either missed it or just require a re-watch, well check it out!

For starters, Feh shares news about a Choose Your Legends update. They’ll be in the Farfetched Heroes banner, available tonight. We learn about the next bunch of four units earning credit as Choose Your Legends heroes, featuring Dorcas as the clear cut winner;

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Heroes: Incoming Feh Channel on November 14/15th

Yup! FE_Heroes_JP tweeted just a short while ago, that the next Feh Channel is coming to us on November 15 at 12:30a (JP) / [November 14 at 10:30p EST] with a 20 minute video. That’s quite long!

At this point, I’m not sure what they could consider adding. Perhaps it’ll be coverage for a new story progression to introduce the new Cipher-based Askr duo as playable characters. Maybe we’ll get a tease at something new to accommodate for the desperately needed upgrade to the Friends list. New Banners and details on upcoming holiday festivities may be given some light even.

Well, whatever it is, Summoners across the internet are curious because there just aren’t any clues as of now. Tune in to their YouTube or NicoNico livestreams and find out!