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The Making of Fire Emblem 64

At long last, thanks to the release of the Making of Fire Emblem, we finally have answers to one of the longest-running mysteries of the Fire Emblem series: Fire Emblem 64.

(A very special thanks to Microwaveit for scouring through the thick book for details and Kirokan for providing images.)

Maiden of Darkness for the GBA

Maiden of Darkness for the GBA

This enigmatic title was suddenly announced during the heydays of the Nintendo 64, but then cancelled almost as quickly as it was announced, with little to no information about the game.

To begin with, as many fans suspected, the foundations of Fire Emblem 64 were used to develop the next title, Binding Blade for the GameBoy Advance.

In fact, Fire Emblem 64 was titled “Maiden of Darkness”, which was also the working title of Binding Blade when it was first unveiled.

But despite all of this, not much was carried over between Fire Emblem 64 and Binding Blade according to an interview with the developers.

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