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Heroes: Three Heroes Quests + New Grandmaster Tactics Drills

Welcome to another update for Fire Emblem Heroes! Today brings some new challenges and quests to the table.

First up, we have new Three Heroes quests to complete, in which you will earn rewards (3-star copies of each of the three Heroes and up to 6 Orbs) for completing specific tasks using Olivia: Blushing Beauty, Corrin: Fateful Princess, and Azama: Carefree Monk. These quests will come to a close on the 20th of December, 6:59AM UTC.

Every Thursday sees the release of new Tactics Drills. Today’s new drill is the 19th Grandmaster entry, entitled “Dazzling Trilemma.” Click on “read more” to view the map. Read more

Heroes: New Weapon Refinery Updates for December Update!

Ever since Heroes claimed that the Version 3.0 Update would come in December, players have eagerly been awaiting news. Now we might have the first piece of it, with New Weapon Refinery Updates planned to go into effect soon!

A whopping 7 characters are getting new weapons with this update:

  • Palla: Whitewing Blade
  • Est: Whitewing Spear
  • Catria: Whitewing Lance
  • Ogma: Gladiator’s Blade
  • Female Robin: Tactical Gale
  • Male Robin: Tactical Bolt
  • Navarre: Scarlet Sword

Additionally, all of these weapons will get further upgrades via the Weapon Refinery! The Japanese Heroes twitter claims that the Whitewings’ weapons will have a special Triangle Attack effect. What do you think the other weapons’ special abilities will be?

Unfortunately we don’t have any further news as to when the update will come, aside from “December”. We also don’t know what else will be planned to come along with it, besides the hints towards Book III. Hopefully we’ll get some more information soon.


Heroes: Nifl vs. Muspell Voting Gauntlet underway!

Welcome to a new – you guessed it – Fire Emblem Heroes update! Today is the first day of the Nifl vs. Muspell Voting Gauntlet, which sees the four Heroes of these two lands being pitted against each other.

The first round match-ups are as follows, with each bracket featuring a battle between Nifl and Muspell:

So you can look forward to Fjorm facing off against her nemesis Surtr, a battle between the eldest siblings with Hrid and Laegjarn, and even some kind of confusing “friend or foe?” match between Ylgr and Helbendi.

If you need them, Hrid, Gunnthra and Laevatein can still be summoned from November’s Legendary Hero banner (but only for around 10 more hours), Surtr and Ylgr obviously still have their debut banner, while Laegjarn and Helbendi are in the Voting Gauntlet banner.

That just leaves Fjorm, but you did get her from completing Chapter 1 of Book 2, right…?

Also, the December monthly quests have recently started, so if you want to stack some of the monthly Training Tower and Arena quests with the Voting Gauntlet quests, now’s your chance!

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Seliph & Julia

Welcome to another Fire Emblem Heroes news update! Today brings us a Bound Hero Battle Revival, featuring Seliph & Julia of Genealogy.

Since it’s a re-run, you won’t be getting those initial clear rewards if you’ve already completed all the difficulties once. But as is the case with all BHB Revivals, there are new Quests available for everyone where you can complete certain challenges relating to the BHB or the featured Heroes and pick up up to 5 extra Orbs for yourself.

The BHB Revival began today, and will end on the 12th December, 6:59AM UTC.