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Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Corrin & Azura!

Another BHB has returned to Fire Emblem Heroes! Build a strong team and tackle Bound Hero Battle Revival: Corrin & Azura in the Special Maps menu.

If you didn’t beat their maps the first time around, it’s a great source of Orbs! There are also a series of quests that everyone can complete for a few more Orbs. Check out full quest details below.

Bound Hero Battle Revival: Corrin & Azura will be around for a week, ending on 20 August.

Feh’s Summer Celebration is still on-going as well! Today is the second Heroes with Death Blow banner, containing 5★ focus units for Elincia, Delthea, and Klein. We still have three more days of free banners and EXP/SP bonus. The event will be winding down this week with the TT+ starting tomorrow and the final Log-In Bonus starting on Thursday.

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Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named Details!

The final big part of Feh’s Summer Celebration will be coming soon to Fire Emblem Heroes! Today, Heroes released some of the details regarding Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named. This special edition of TT will bring back many old TT allies as prizes once again: Marth, Tobin, Clive, Black Knight, Arden, and Joshua.

Additionally, this Tempest Trials+ features all six of these TT heroes as Bonus Allies! Bring your favourite along, or perhaps recruit a new one to use for bonus points. You can also use either Alfonse or Sharena.

The details page also gives us a bit of insight into the new rewards structure for this TT. Usually these events only give out two hero rewards, not six, so some things are going to be different. For example, it appears as if the Black Knight is replacing a seal at 10,000 points. It’s likely we won’t get any seals as rewards this time around.

Tempest Trials+: Chaos Named starts this Tuesday, 14 August. Like all new TT+ events, it will run for 10 days, ending on 24 August.

Other parts of Feh’s Summer Celebration are still going strong! The 11th daily banner started today featuring 5★ focus units for Caeda, Hinoka, and Minerva. These banners and the EXP/SP bonus will be continuing on throughout most of this week. Yesterday, however, was the final daily map. I hope you’re enjoying your summer with Heroes!

Heroes: New Tap Battle! Illusory Dungeon: Festival of Heroes

The last Tap Battle has faded away, which means it’s time for another new Tap Battle in Fire Emblem Heroes! The latest is titled Illusory Dungeon: Festival of Heroes, and you can find it in the Events menu.

Like all Tap Battle events, the first 40 floors are now available, with 20 more floors arriving each day over the next few days. Once we hit the end at Floor 100, we’ll get three additional Extra Stages. Makes sure to tap your way through each stage once to get all the nice rewards!

With the recent Version 2.8 Update, you can also now speed up your Tap Battles as well. You can find the option under the Tap Battle Settings as “Speed”. It defaults to x1 but you can increase it as high as x3 in .5 increments. Play around with this setting to find the speed that suits you best.

Additionally, Tap Battles also bring more daily quests as a source of Hero Feathers and Great Badges. We’ll get another series of quests, these ones bringing Orbs and Accessories, on 25 August.

Illusory Dungeon: Festival of Heroes will be around for almost a whole month, ending on 9 September. Presumably, we’ll get another new Tap Battle then.

In the meantime, Feh’s Summer Celebration marches onward! If you’ve been logging in every day, today was your last day of Orbs from the first Log-In Bonus. However, the next one will be starting up later this week, bringing another 20 Orbs! The daily summons, Special Maps, and EXP/SP boosts are still on-going. They’ll end with the daily reset on Thursday, 16 August.

Heroes: Festival in Hoshido Banner & Aug/Sept Event Calendar!

Four new Special Heroes are waltzing their way into Fire Emblem Heroes! The Festival in Hoshido Banner is now available, bringing four festival-themed 5★ alts: Micaiah, Ryoma, Elincia, and Xander. Check out our earlier article for their skills and details.

A new paralogue, also titled Festival in Hoshido, is also now available! Complete all three chapters on all difficulties for nine Orbs. You can also earn an additional three Orbs with special quests! You can see full quest details below. We’ll also get 13 more Orbs with the latest Log-In Bonus.

If that’s not enough Orbs for you, the August Special Orb Promo also starts today! This version of the promo contains 21 Orbs and also 60 Sacred Coins.

The Festival in Hoshido Banner will be around for about a month, ending on 9 September. The August Orb Promo will be around a bit less than that, ending on 23 August.

Additionally, Heroes released the next August & September Event Calendar a few hours ago! Check it out here:

The next month in Heroes will be bringing quite a lot of new content! We have two batches of New Heroes coming up, one starting on 21 August and another on 7 September, and also the next Legendary Hero banner on the 28th.

Other events include the Feh’s Celebration Tempest Trials+, the second Forging Bonds, and the next iterations of many other Heroes events: New and Revival BHBs, Voting Gauntlet, Grand Conquests, and Tap Battle. We’ll also get new quests, other focus banners, and lots of goodies. A full chronological text breakdown can be found below.

As a reminder, Feh’s Summer Celebration is going strong! Today’s daily banner is Heroes with Death Blow, containing 5★ focus units for Effie, Hawkeye, and Klein. The next feature of the Celebration, a special edition of Tempest Trials+, will be starting early next week on 14 August. The final Log-In Bonus starts on the 16th.

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