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Fire Emblem Heroes: Legendary Yuri Pops in from Underground

The next Legendary Hero to descend to Fire Emblem Heroes (or perhaps rise up, in this case) will be Yuri: Underground Lord.

(Japanese trailer available here.)

The leader of the Ashen Wolves can be summoned from 31st March to 14th February 2023.

Other featured Heroes include:

  • Red: Legendary Sigurd and Embla
  • Blue: Nott, Hardin and Caeldori
  • Green: Otr, Legendary Ninian and Ascended Eir
  • Colorless: Medeus, Askr and Gotoh

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Rearmed Tana & Frelian Soldiers from The Sacred Stones

Note: This is a backdated article.

The next New Heroes summoning event features additional characters from The Sacred Stones.

(Japanese trailer available here.)

The New Heroes include: Gilliam, Syrene, Vanessa and Rearmed Tana.

Additionally, Vigarde can be obtained from the upcoming Grand Hero Battle.

Update: Until 22nd April 2023 (may be earlier depending on your timezone), you can claim a free copy of Fomortiis, winner of the “A Hero Rises 2023” Voting Gauntlet, from the in-game Present List.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Emblem Veronica Overview

Just before Wave 3 of the Fire Emblem Engage Expansion Pass releases tomorrow, the official Fire Emblem JP Twitter has shared additional info about Emblem Veronica.

First, her profile:

Emblem Veronica (VA: Rina Hidaka), known as the Emblem of Heroes, excels at unconventional strategies, such as summoning allies and performing special attacks.

A conversation with Alear:

As we saw in the Nintendo Direct trailer, Veronica’s map seems to occur on a floating island presumably based on the World of Zenith.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Fairies and Fódlan Unite in “Spring Eternal”

The next Special Heroes summoning event in Fire Emblem Heroes will be “Spring Eternal”, running between 7th March and 7th April 2023.

(Japanese trailer available here.)

The featured Heroes in their bunny costumes are: Bernadetta, Triandra, Ashe and Harmonic Karla (with Freyja).

In addition, Michalis can be obtained from the upcoming Tempest Trials+ event, fulfilling the promise made last year.

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