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Heroes: Version 2.10.0 Incoming – Abyssal GHBs, new weapon refines + QoL

October has just started and Fire Emblem Heroes is already off to an exciting start with an announcement of the next version update: 2.10.0. This will be arriving during “early October”, so hopefully pretty soon.

This update includes four main features.

Abyssal difficulty for daily Grand Hero Battles

The following daily Grand Hero Battles will receive Abyssal difficulty maps: Navarre, Michalis, Ursula, Xander, Lloyd, Narcian and female Robin. Similar to existing Abyssal maps, you can earn golden accessories from clearing them.

Lite Data Version

As the years and months have gone by, Fire Emblem Heroes has started to become pretty big, space-wise. For those concerned about the game taking up too much space, a “Lite Data Version” will be provided.

This version of the game will have lower visual and sound quality, but will reduce the size of the game data by a whopping 75%. Currently the game is around 1.5 GB, so the file size should end up less than 400 MB.

New players can choose to download the Lite Data Version or the original “High Quality Version” when starting the game. Otherwise, you can switch over by going to the Miscellaneous menu in-game or by going to Clear Cache from the title screen.

New weapon refinement options

Lon’qu will receive a new weapon skill Solitary Blade that can be learned when he’s upgraded to 5★.

Meanwhile the Frelian royals, Tana and Innes, will gain refinement options for their legendary weapons, Vidofnir and Nidhogg.

Presumably, Solitary Blade can also be refined like all the new weapons added to existing characters.

Naming favourite-marks

To make things more convenient, you’ll be able to assign a name to the 8 favourite marks that can be given to Heroes. In the example, they’ve named each mark after all the consoles that Fire Emblem has appeared on (or will, in the case of the Switch).

Heroes: “Fathers and Daughters” Voting Gauntlet Coming Soon

Preparations for the next Fire Emblem Heroes Voting Gauntlet are underway! The theme this time is fathers and daughters–and Fire Emblem isn’t short of those!

The Heroes involved in this family feud are, on the fathers side: Arvis, Hector, Robin and Niles. Meanwhile the estranged daughters are Julia, Lilina, Morgan and Nina.

The actual Voting Gauntlet starts on 2nd October 2018 and lasts for 6 days, with the usual three rounds. Before it begins, there are two summoning foci available now until the daily rollover on 8th October 2018.

These give Summoners a better chance of summoning 6 of the participating Heroes. Those who haven’t obtained Arvis yet can challenge him via his Grand Hero Battle every Sunday. Meanwhile Nina is still available from the Nohrian Dusk summoning event.

Finally, to celebrate the occasion, there is a Voting Gauntlet Log-in Bonus that awards up to 13 Orbs if you log-in once a day 10 times until the rollover on 13th October 2018.

Heroes: Legendary Tiki Arrives + Trio of Legendary Hero Battles

From today, Tiki, the princess of the Divine Dragons, is joining Fire Emblem Heroes as the 11th Legendary Hero.

Summoners can attempt to summon Legendary Tiki from this month’s Legendary Hero banner, which also features a variety of rare Heroes, including a few of 2018’s spring and bridal Heroes.

For more details about Legendary Tiki, please check our earlier article.

In addition, Tiki will be showing off her incredible powers in a series of Legendary Hero Battles. Completion of all maps will award an Earth Blessing, 9 Orbs and–if you can conquer Abyssal–a Golden Askran Hairpin.

Joining her are Legendary Hector and Robin in repeats of their original Legendary Hero Battles. This time, you can challenge Hector on a new Abyssal map to earn a Golden Enigmatic Mask. Meanwhile, Abyssal Robin is available once again.

Tiki’s Legendary Hero banner and all three Legendary Hero Battles will stick around until the daily rollover on 5th October 2018.

Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival – Saias!

While we wait for the Legendary Dragon‘s debut, Fire Emblem Heroes has brought back Saias’s Grand Hero Battle to keep us occupied.

The Bishop of Flame from Thracia 776 specialises in debuffing his foes–proof of his tactical acumen. Even if you defeated Saias earlier, there are new limited time quests for everyone, which award additional Orbs and another copy of Saias.

Saias’s Grand Hero Battle will last until the daily rollover on 4th October 2018. You can continue reading below for a list of the applicable quests.

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