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Heroes: Weekly Revival Banner 5 Rerun!

Another Sunday, another revival banner in Fire Emblem Heroes! This time around, Weekly Revival Banner 5 brings your shot at Ike, Brave Ike, and Mist.

As before, you have a 4% chance to nab one of the featured heroes, compared to 3% on a regular banner. This banner will be around for a week before the next one starts next Sunday.

Heroes: Tempest Trials+: Sands of Time Now Available!

A new event has just begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! Bring a strong team of Elibean heroes to tackle Tempest Trials+: Sands of Time.

This edition of Tempest Trials focuses on characters from Binding Blade. Compete in lots of battles to earn yourself a bunch of Orbs, some new Sacred Seals, and even a new 5 hero: Brunrya: Devoted General. Check for more details in-game or in our earlier article.

Tempest Trials+: Sands of Time will run for ten full days, giving you plenty of time to earn your points. Good luck!

Heroes: Bound Hero Battle Revival: Titania & Mist is live

Small FE Heroes update today. A Bound Hero Battle Revival: Titania & Mist is back once more.

The event is available from today until the 27th of November 6:59am UTC. Up for grabs are 5 Orbs for completing the quests.

Also today: A new Tactics Drills: Grandmaster challenge for you to attempt.

Heroes: Distant Counter banner and Mini Acrylics Vol. 15 are here!

Today’s FE Heroes news brings us a skill banner: “Heroes with Distant Counter“!

Nagi, Male Byleth, and Nailah are the three focus units. First summon is free as usual, so try your luck. The banner is available from today until the 30th of November 6:59am UTC.

Volume 15 of the Mini Acrylic Figure Collection is upon us.

Within this set are 10 new characters to add to your collection: Edelgard, Lloyd, Linus, Nah, Cynthia, Oboro, Dimitri, Claude, Lukas (Picnic alt.), and a secret 10th character. Looks like some dude with ears and a tail.

You can check in occasionally to your favourite retailers as stocks begin to roll in.