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Heroes: Special Heroes from Genealogy of the Holy War arrive in “To Stay Dreaming”!

Get ready Summoners, a brand-new Special Heroes summoning event is about to take center stage in Fire Emblem Heroes starting September 8th at 12:00 AM PT!

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

For a breakdown of these 5★ Heroes and what they offer, we’ve got all the details.

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Heroes: Silhouette teaser for September’s Special Heroes!

Fire Emblem Heroes has released an update teasing some of the Special Heroes set to debut through their upcoming event on September 8th. Catch a sneak peek with their silhouettes below!

With characters said to be “clad in elegant dancewear” by messenger owl Feh, it seems clear that this will be another event themed after performing arts like past years. Is anyone sharp enough to figure out who these could be?

Players can also look forward to a Log-In Bonus to commemorate the arrival of these Special Heroes soon, so be sure to check in with the game each day for rewards.

Heroes: Version 4.9.0 Details & Brave vs. Fallen Voting Gauntlet

It’s the start of another new month and we have fresh details of the next version update coming to FE Heroes. Some of the new additions were already outlined in last month’s second Feh Channel.

Frontline Phalanx

This is a new type of event, the first of which will begin on 15th September 2020 (UTC). Summoners can distribute “Forces” to support one of four Heroes. The more forces a Hero has, the more points you can earn if the attack is a success, but the lower the chance of success. So there’s a big risk-reward factor.

Trait Fruit

This is the game-changing feature many of us wanted, but weren’t sure if we’d ever get. Starting from 8th September (UTC), Trait Fruit will begin appearing as rewards in Arena, Resonant Battles, Mjolnir’s Strike and Forging Bonds.

For every 100 Trait Fruits obtained, you can freely select a Hero’s Asset and Flaw (increased and decreased stat respectively). Previously, you could negate a Flaw by merging a Hero, but now you can even manipulate the Asset! Furthermore, you can earn 100 fruits by completing limited Frontline Phalanx quests.

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Heroes: Female Corrin is August’s Legendary Hero!

Their status as a Legendary Hero was perhaps pre-determined, but female Corrin–one of the protagonists of FE Fates–will soon be arriving in her Legendary guise.

Between 31st August and 7th September 2020 (UTC), Summoners can try to summon for Corrin: Child of Dusk. Other Heroes appearing in the Legendary banner include…

  • Red: Legendary Eirika, Hrid and Fallen Ike
  • Blue: Naga, Legendary Julia and Nils
  • Green: Gunnthra, Legendary Hector and Rinkah
  • Colorless: Bramimond and Mila

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