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Heroes: Two New Summoning Banners & Lost Lore Details!

Another two summoning banners are now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! This week’s Weekly Revival Banner contains Amelia, Olwen, and Ayra. Additionally, the daily banner of the day has Celica, Micaiah, and Rhajat. Spend your Orbs wisely!

Furthermore, Heroes has released some official information about the next upcoming event: Lost Lore.

We first heard about this event during the recent Feh Channel. You can see more details in the Notifications Screen, though Feh covered most of it in the earlier video. Our first Lost Lore event begins in two days on 13 August.

Heroes: Festival in Hoshido Rerun + Feh’s Summer Continues

Another special banner is making its return in Fire Emblem Heroes! Grabs special festival versions of Elincia, Xander, Micaiah, and Ryoma in the Festival in Hoshido Rerun Banner. The banner will be here for a month, ending on 9 September.

Additionally, Feh’s Summer Celebration keeps going with another daily banner and a new GHB. Try for Flying Hinoka, Fallen Celica, or Mia in the Heroes with Luna rerun. You can also nab an additional copy of Male Kana in his GHB rerun.

Heroes: Event Calendar for August & September

If you’ve been waiting for news on upcoming events, Heroes has you covered. The Event Calendar for August & September is now available! Check it out below. You can also hit the “Read More” button at the bottom for a full text breakdown.

We have a lot of exciting things coming up soon, including a GHB for the Death Knight, the new Lost Lore event, and a likely CYL3 Banner on the 16th! It looks like the next Tempest Trials event might be based on Brave Heroes as well. The very last thing listed on the calendar is a new batch of Special Heroes coming out 6 September.

Furthermore, the Feh Summer Celebration keeps on rolling! Today, Feh gives us a rerun of the Heroes with Stance Skills banner, featuring Shiro, F!Morgan, and Zelgius. The Saias GHB also makes a triumphant return. The banner will be here for just 24 hours, while Saias will be here for a full two days.

Last up is a new Tactics Drills featuring some new Three Houses heroes. Do your best to complete it!

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Heroes: Two More Short-Term Summoning Focuses + Lyon Returns!

Another day in Fire Emblem Heroes brings us another new pair of Summoning Focuses!

First up is our latest Weekly Revival banner which contains Alm, Delthea, and Faye. As you might guess from the name, this banner will be around for a week. The latest Daily Summoning Event actually also contains Delthea, as well as Mist and Sigurd. You’ve only got 24 hours to summon from that one, though.

Additionally, the second part of the Grand Hero Revival Event featuring Lyon also starts up today! Beat him down with a mix team to score a 4★ Lyon.

More banners and GHBs will continue to be dropping down regularly as Feh’s Summer Celebration continues.Check out the article for more details.