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Fire Emblem Heroes is Google Play’s Best Game of 2017

During Google’s “Play Time 2017” event, which celebrated popular games and apps on the Google Play Store, Fire Emblem Heroes scooped the “Best Game of 2017” award. This information comes from Famitsu App.

From what we understand, only games released before late 2016 are eligible for this award. In addition, this award only applies to the Japanese region. Still, it’s a huge achievement nonetheless and the developers seem very proud.

Speaking of which, Famitsu App managed to briefly interview the developers after receiving the award. Below you can find a translation of the interview, which Reddit user drnged quickly and very kindly translated for us.

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Heroes: Children of Fate Summoning Focus!

It’s time for some new characters to arrive in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Children of Fate Summoning Focus contains 3 new 5★ units from Fire Emblem Fates: Soleil, Siegbert, and Shiro. Check out our earlier article for their preview trailer and a breakdown of their new skills and abilities.

To celebrate the arrival of these new heroes, we also get a new Daily Log-In Bonus! Earn up to 13 Orbs each day just for logging into the game. However, unlike other recent new character arrivals, we do not get any new Paralogues or Quests for additional Orbs. Instead, you can battle all of the new heroes in the recent Book II story updates.

Additionally, Soleil, Siegbert, and Shiro will also be Bonus Allies in the next Arena Season. Joining them is another new unit, Fjorm! Rhajat, another new unit introduced in the recent Voting Gauntlet banner, is not included. You can see the full Bonus Hero list here, thanks to @FE_Heroes_JP:

The Children of Fate Summoning Focus will last for about two weeks, ending on 18 December at 6:59am UTC. May you have the best of luck summoning new heroes to join your team!



Heroes: Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love – Banners & Details

The next Voting Gauntlet begins next week in Fire Emblem Heroes! Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love is almost here, and two new banners for the gauntlet arrived today:

Yesterday’s preview trailer revealed the Block A banner to contain 5★ units for Rhajat, Tharja, Faye, and Priscilla. You can check our article for a breakdown of Rhajat’s skills. The Block B banner contains 5★ units for Katarina, Sigurd, Catria, and Dorcas.

All eight of these characters will be facing off head-to-head in Voting Gauntlet: Eternal Love, which begins on Wednesday, 7 December. Here’s the bracket showing off the first round’s match-ups:

Each round lasts a little under two days, with the final winner decided by 3:59am UTC on 12 December. May the best hero win!

Heroes: Preview Trailer for Children of Fate Banner + New Monthly Quests & Voting Gauntlet Preview!

Another Summoning Focus will be arriving soon in Fire Emblem Heroes! Nintendo Mobile has released a new preview trailer for the upcoming Children of Fate banner. Check it out below!

The banner contains new 5★ heroes for three of the children units from Fire Emblem Fates: Soleil, Shiro, and Siegbert. Each comes with a new weapon and at least one other new skill. Check out their details below! The banner will be available starting on Monday, 4 December.

Additionally, the trailer contains a teaser for one other child of fate that will be releasing soon: Rhajat. Rhajat does not appear in this banner, instead making her debut in one of two banners for the upcoming Enduring Love Voting Gauntlet.

The other three characters that will appear in this banner along with Rhajat are Tharja, Faye, and Priscilla. We don’t yet know who the other four characters in the gauntlet will be. Both banners will be available starting tomorrow, 2nd December, with the Gauntlet itself starting on the 6th after the Tempest Trials have concluded.

Finally, a new month also means new monthly quests! 3 new December Quests are available in game, waiting to reward you with Orbs, Hero Feathers, and other goodies. Check out the full quest listing below.

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