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Heroes: Ashnard’s Grand Hero Battle & Resplendent Hector for Feh Pass Subscribers

Just a few notices for Fire Emblem Heroes players on this weekend. In case you missed it, Ashnard: Mad King can be challenged in Grand Hero Battles until the daily rollover on 16th May 2020 (UTC).

After the tragedy of the Gungnir, it’s nice that Ashnard is a very capable Hero. Here are his skill available as a 5-star unit:

  • Weapon: Gurgurant – Neutralizes “effective against flying” bonuses. Grants Def +3. Inflicts Atk/Def -5 on foes within 2 spaces during combat. This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.
  • Special: Dragon Fang
  • A: Distant Def 3
  • C: Even Atk Wave 3

Meanwhile, starting today and until 25th May 2020 (UTC), Feh Pass subscribers will receive a 5-star Hector: General of Ostia, plus a resplendent skin for all instances of that Hero.

Afterwards, Sanaki: Begnion’s Apostle will be the next Resplendent Hero to be distributed.

Heroes: Regarding the Absence of a 4-star Focus Hero in the “Dark Burdens” Summoning Event

This information was shared earlier, alongside the release of the “Dark Burdens” summoning event, but we wanted to point it out separately.

You may have noticed that “Dark Burdens” doesn’t have a 4-star Focus Hero. As fans have pointed out, this contradicts what Fehnix said in an earlier Feh Channel, where it seemed all “New” and “Special” Hero banners would have at least one Hero with a 4-star focus rate.

Likely prompted by messages from confused fans, the Fire Emblem Heroes team posted a response via the in-game Notifications.

In short, 4-star Focus Heroes will be returning for future banners, but there may be exceptions. Most notably the current “Dark Burdens” banner, plus an upcoming banner in August, which would align with this year’s Brave Heroes–winners of Choose Your Legends 4.

The rationale provided was due to “game balance and character attributes”. We’ll just leave it at that…

In any case, it’s reassuring to know 4-star Focus Heroes aren’t completely off the table. So far, we’ve had Young Marth, Forrest, Spring Narcian, Ferdinand, Rath and Valentine’s Conrad. Perhaps their biggest contribution is allowing Summoners to easily obtain (and power up) a seasonal unit.

Heroes: Next Resplendent Hero is Sanaki & Arrival of Fallen Heroes + Forging Bonds!

The next Resplendent Hero to be revealed for Feh Pass subscribers will be Sanaki: Begnion’s Apostle. Similar to Sophia, she’s decked in Emblan garb.

The distribution period for her Resplendent version will be 25th May through 10th June 2020 (after Hector). You can check out her full artwork and some voice samples via the Feh Pass website.

Back to the present, the “Dark Burdens” banner is currently live. For more info, please refer to our earlier article. Also, the Nintendo Treehouse team shared a video highlighting the abilities of these frightening allies.

Furthermore, if you’re not afraid to learn what makes them tick, there’s a Forging Bonds event, “Peaceful Ends”, featuring these forbidden four. Since this is the first event following Version 4.5.0, you can obtain Divine Codes (Ephemera 5) as rewards.

Heroes: “Dark Burdens” Creeps Up with Third Wave of Fallen Heroes!

In what is now a strange and twisted tradition, Fire Emblem Heroes is bringing back more evil and corrupted versions of existing Heroes in the upcoming “Dark Burdens” summoning event.

From 8th May 2020 (UTC), Summoners can try to befriend fallen Corrin (male), Lyon, Julia and Ike. Because it’s a “New Heroes” banner, the guaranteed summon after 40 summons will be in effect.

If that’s not enough evil for you, Ashnard: Mad King will be appearing in Grand Hero Battles a day later, on 9th May 2020 (UTC).

For those curious, Fallen Ike has previously appeared in the Cipher card game (in Series 12). It seems this version of Ike has succumbed to the chaos within the medallion. Maybe next year we’ll finally get Risen King Chrom?

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