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Scale figure of Fire Emblem’s Marth revealed at WonHobby 33!

The Marth scale figure is real and it is glorious.

Last time in our update to the new line of official Fire Emblem scale figures by series developer Intelligent Systems, we learned of a teaser to an upcoming third collectible with just a silhouette teaser image to go by, knowing that we’d expect characters old and new.

We placed our bets on who this was going to be, and now the reveal proves us true: the third 1/7 scale figure will be based on Marth!

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Japan: Mystery of the Emblem coming to Super Famicom – Nintendo Switch Online library September 23

Fire Emblem joins lineup among other classics.

Nintendo has announced more classic games Nintendo Switch owners subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online service with a Japanese account can start playing via the Super Famicom app from September 23rd, notably Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem.

Check out some official gameplay footage of Mystery of the Emblem on Nintendo Switch in a video montage with other titles here.

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