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Fire Emblem if: Theme Song Singer + Blurry Promo Display

It’s been a month since the last important Fire Emblem update and ironically both the 25th Anniversary concert and Fire Emblem Cipher sites have updated, yet there’s been nothing major on the Fire Emblem if front.


Renka, a singer wrapped in a veil of mystery

Still, the concert site does share a new piece of vital information, which is the identity of the singer of Aqua’s song in the trailers: a debut singer by the name of Renka (literally “lotus”).

If you’re confused, the person supplying Aqua’s in-game voice–Lynn-san who was introduced during the Fire Emblem Cipher livestream–and the person singing her song are two different people. Which isn’t too bizarre as not all singers are actors and vice versa.

Here’s what Intelligent Systems said: Aqua’s singing voice is unique, possessing a pure and divine quality, with the ability to represent both strength and fragility. After looking at many candidates “as soon as we heard her [Renka] sing, we knew she was the one”.

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