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GBA Fire Emblems Blazing Blade (All) and Binding Blade (JP Only) coming to Nintendo Switch Online+ June 23

This is practically bringing me out of the woodwork. Nintendo of America gave us a pretty exciting tweet just a short while ago; All Nintendo Switch Online+ users will finally have access to play Fire Emblem Blazing Blade, and it’s in a week! You heard it here, folks!


For the Japanese NSO account holders; both Fire Emblem Blazing Blade and Fire Emblem Binding Blade are coming out on the same day. English NSO+ account holders will not have access to Binding Blade, which is unfortunate, but maybe we will one day. Regardless; we can finally play this on the go, legally to boot! I wonder how the Link Arena will work…


New Japanese Merchandise Arriving December

Recently, the official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter posted about another batch of Fire Emblem merchandise, this time releasing during December 2018.

The merchandise in question is published directly by Intelligent Systems, similar to the merchandise from April and May. Below, you can find all the details in English!

Pin Badges – 600 Yen each (excl. tax)


These are highly collectible badges (75 mm in diameter) that you can wear to show off your love for a character. This time, there are new designs for Marth and Caeda, the OG hero and heroine.

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Nintendo’s 2018 E3 Direct: All Details Fire Emblem Related (Fire Emblem Three Houses & Smash Bros)

If you’ve been keeping up with E3 over the past years, you’ll know that it’s one of the biggest tech conventions out there. Nintendo annually attends E3 and puts on a pretty huge presentation, dropping teasers and highlights of games and merchandise that’ll hit shelves for either the same day, or within the year.

Nintendo’s E3 2018 Recap

This year is no different, as Nintendo highlighted quite a bit this year in terms of gaming. We’re interested in how Fire Emblem fits into their grand scheme, and with Fire Emblem previously announced for the Switch, plus the presence of the Super Smash Bros invitational, you can bet that there’s at least some news in there for Fire Emblem fans.

Fire Emblem Three Houses comes out, looking downright incredible, with lightning fast load times, brigade based tiles, quite a bit of overworld exploration on foot, squad based controls, and an art style familiar to fans of the Fire Emblem Echoes Shadows of Valentia series.

With dialogue choices impacting your future, there’s quite a bit to consider for the future, and with almost one more year of wait time ahead of us, it’s time to start your speculation. We’ll have a separate post breaking down Fire Emblem Three Houses in full, so keep your eyes open for that.

We’ve got quite a wait ahead of us though, as it was announced for Spring 2019.

That’s not all to look forward to, however.

Super Smash Bros returns to the switch, as expected, as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and brings with it classic fan favorites, like Mario and Lukas, well missed but returning hits like Snake and Pichu, as well as Fire Emblem staples such as Marth and Ike. To quote the devs, they’re all back. Interestingly, while Corrin and Robins were also present, Lucina’s presence indicated herself with a 21 E for her appearance placement, while many other characters didn’t have anything specially displayed. Don’t worry, they cover it.

The twist to this game, is that like in the N64 days, you start with a small roster (8 playables), and constantly unlock new characters as you proceed through the game.

Neat inclusions include confirmation on Ike having palettes for both his Path of Radiance version, as well as his Radiant Dawn version, both of which are voiced slightly differently.

Marth also comes in, fully voiced in English.

The Epsilon character indicates Echo Fighters, which are characters built in such a way that they’re more recognizable as similar but not identical to other character, characters.

Lyn remains as an Assist Trophy, but a slight modification makes it so that defeating Assist Trophy characters nets you a point in point based matches.

Lastly, we see other staples of things expected, such as inclusion of all stages previously seen, GameCube controller, enhanced amiibo compatibility, before the tease of new playable character Ridley from the Metroid franchise, all of which can be experienced first hand on December 7, 2018.

Serenes Forest Talent Showcase | June-mmunity Fanartist Month – Day 4 (CWilock)

The ride doesn’t stop on this fandom train. While your Fire Emblem Heroes is down for maintenance, why not get your Heroes fix by visiting Canada, by hitting up one of CWilock’s art sites.

At 4″ tall, they make great ornaments for just about anywhere.

CWilock has a lot of acrylic Fire Emblem Heroes Acrylic Stands (that come in three parts, for easy assembly) and when I say lot, I mean a lot. Choices include Askr and Embla’s royalty figures Alfonse, Sharena and Veronica, as well as other favorites in Takumi, Lyn, Robin (Male), Lucina and Ike. You’ll also find holiday celebration aplenty in Performing Arts!Inigo, Halloween!Henry, Easter!Chrom, Easter!Xander, New Years!Azura, New Years!Camilla, Summer!Corrin, and Love Abounds!Hector.

The 5-star ranking pops on just like the character.

That’s not to say that is all he makes in terms of Fire Emblem themed goodies. Check out his Good Night glitter charms and his Alm & Celica phone charms.

It’s ok, second place in the Gauntlet is still impressive!

While active on his Instagram and Twitter, you’ll find the stands (and more) on his Tictail and Etsy. Pay CWilock a visit; he’s super friendly!

If you’d like to show support for the community, pay them a visit at their respective Etsy, Twitter or otherwise listed pages above (anything bolded can be clicked). Give them a follow or a share, or pick one of their creations up for yourself if you’re able and interested.

If you want to have your work showcased on Serenes Forest, contact me (Elieson) on our forums and I’ll do my best to feature you and your talents. Bear in mind that June will feature more of a crafts lineup, while December will be our Draw-cember event, featuring talent more akin to drawings, paintings and the like.