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Heroes: Flame Emperor Grand Hero Battle is now live!

Today’s FE Heroes update brings a new Grand Hero Battle challenge with Three HousesFlame Emperor: Bringer of War.

The event is available from today until the 19th of March 6:59am UTC. Collect up to three copies of the unit along with 2,000 Feathers for completing all three difficulties.

Flame Emperor comes with the following weapons and skills:

Weapon: Guard Axe+
Special: Ignis
A: Bracing Stance 2 (available at 4-Stars)
B: Wary Fighter 3

5-Star stats are as follows: 50 HP, 40 Atk, 25 Spd, 37 Def, 26 Res.
Giving Flame Emperor one merge will grant +2 HP, +2 Atk, and +1 Def.

Heroes: Harmony amid Chaos Banner brings Three Houses Star-Students on March 5

Things definitely dropped early today, in the Harmony amid Chaos banner, which hours ahead of time, informed Summoners of the incoming Three Houses themed banner, introducing Ferdinand (von Aegir), Lysithea, Bernadetta and Annette to the fray.

The batch comes with a couple of continues line skills, such as some more Rouse, Gap and Lull skills. Additionally, the coveted Atk/Spd Push 4 is present, so if you’re looking for ways to bolster up your healers, diving into the colorless pool may not be a bad option.

The Flame Emperor was also spotted, implying that they’re the next Grand Hero Battle reward unit. Flame Emperor was spotted wielding a Guard Axe+, but your mind can wander about the rest of the skillset.

The banner itself kicks off on March 5 at 11p PT (so March 6 if you live on the east coast or in Central time, like myself).

Japanese Trailer available here.

For details on the unit skills, click Read More.

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