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Heroes: Goddess’s Servants banner bring 4 new Heroes, Nemesis GHB and more on October 20

Big news for Three Houses fans; the next Banner, was just announced, and features four playable Three Houses members, plus a bit extra. Look forward to summoning among Cattherine, Flayn, Seteth and Shamir in Goddess’s Servants, dropping October 20 at Midnight PT.

The Japanese banner can be viewed here.

Included in the batch are units of each color, and a Spark system, to ensure that after 40 summons, you as a Summoner can pick a free 5* Hero for yourself from the batch of 4.

There aren’t that many new skills, but we have the next Rouse-# skill (Rouse Atk/Spd 3), but more interestingly, a new movement assist skill, in Rescue+ (found on Flayn), which is sure to make things interesting going forward. It is a staff assist skill and reads as though it behaves like a combo Draw Back & Restore+. Would a future skill like Warp be a new staff support that behaves like Smite & Restore+ I wonder?

Additionally, Nemesis has been announced as the next Grand Hero Battle. His GHB will debut also on the 20th.

Included in the trailer appears to be Kiran, but on the battlefield and wielding the Folkvangr sword. If you’ve been paying attention to the plot, you might have a hunch as to what’s going on.

Finally, the Meet the Heroes pages for all five aforementioned characters have been updated, so go collect your cute little character art.

For details and artwork on the units, click Read More.

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