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Heroes: Resplendent Florina & January/February Calendar

The next Resplendent Hero to be revealed is another pegasus sister, although one from Elibe not Archanea–it’s Florina: Lovely Flier!

This Hel-inpsired version of Florina will be available to Feh Pass subscribers from 25th January 2022 (UTC). You can check out her artwork (by Pukyunosuke) and voice samples over here.

Also, the event calendar for mid January to mid February 2022 is here.

Highlights include Special Heroes from 17th January (UTC), the next Mythic Hero on 28th January (UTC) and the 5th anniversary Special Heroes from 8th February (UTC).

Last year, we had the Plegian festival around mid January; will we get another desert-themed banner or something different? Similarly, the past two anniversary banners featured child Heroes. This could be a good chance to add the Valentian kids and turn this into reality

Anyway, the text version of the calendar can be found after the break.

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