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Heroes: Legendary Heroes: Hríd Banner & Battle + Forging Bonds!

The latest Legendary Hero has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can now summon the final royal of Nifl: Hríd: Icy Blade in the Legendary Heroes: Hríd Banner. Check out our earlier article for a look at his trailer and skill breakdown.

11 other 5★ exclusive heroes will also be available this banner alongside Hríd: Laevateinn, Legendary Ryoma, Summer Cordelia, Brave Hector, Legendary Lucina, Female Kana, Summer Innes, Gunnthra, Legendary Female Robin, Summer Noire, and Nina. Best of luck summoning the heroes you most desire!

If you need a few more Orbs for this banner, Heroes has you covered. You can earn another 9 Orbs in Hríd’s Legendary Hero Battle! The Legendary Battles for Lucina, Ryoma, and Female Robin are also back as well, if you still haven’t completed all of those. Beat the Infernal level of all four battles to unlock Abyssal and more Gold Accessories!

Additionally, one more event is starting in Heroes today: Forging Bonds: The Sworn Oath. It features the four singlings of Nifl: Fjorm, Gunnthrá, Ylgr, and Hríd. It seems to take place before the events of Book II, and starts off with Ylgr having a strange dream…

Battle through the maps to raise Friendship will all four heroes and learn more of their story! You’ll also earn Orbs, Accessories, and other prizes along the way. Check out our earlier article for more details.

This edition of Forging Bonds will last for two weeks like usual, ending on 12 December.

Heroes: Forging Bonds coming soon!

Another Fire Emblem Heroes news update is here! Today is a tame one – a simple heads up that there will be a new Forging Bonds event beginning on the 28th November, 7:00AM UTC.

The theme this time relates to the four Nifl siblings – Ylgr, Hrid, Gunnthra, and Fjorm – entitled “The Sworn Oath.”

Battle with the following pieces of accessories equipped to your fighting Heroes to raise your bonds with the siblings at a faster rate (up to 2x faster when all units have one of these accessories equipped). Raise your bonds with all four Heroes to unlock dialogue, Orbs, Feathers, new accessories, badges, crystals/gems, and maybe some other goodies I forgot to mention.

The event is the typical 14 days in length, ending on the 12th December, 6:59AM UTC.

Heroes: Forging Bonds: Dueling Desires Now Live!

With Grand Conquests coming to a close, it’s time for the next event in Fire Emblem Heroes! Equip your finest accessories and make your way towards Forging Bonds: Dueling Desires. You can find it in the Event menu.

This edition of Forging Bonds features our four newest Brave Redux Heroes: Loki, Kliff, Owain, and Aversa. Loki and Aversa are arguing amongst each other to decide which of them the Summoner likes best. Rather than fight each other, Owain has a better idea…

The main page of the event displays the four focused heroes and the appropriate accessories. At the top, you can also see information regarding the current multipliers. Use Check Rewards to view your progress towards each individual hero’s final conversations and rewards. When ready, select a stage to begin your battle!

Forging Bonds: Dueling Desires will last for two weeks, ending on 10 November. Additionally, the first seven days that you play a Forging Bonds map will net you an extra Orb reward, so make sure to play frequently! In the meantime, enjoy the event and seeing conversations with our newest heroes.

Heroes: Grand Hero Battle: Aversa + New Forging Bonds Info!

As teased in the recent Brave Redux paralogue, Aversa is our newest GHB to arrive in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare your strongest team to take her down in Grand Hero Battle: Aversa.

You can defeat Aversa in up to three different battles: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. As usual, Hard will grant you a 3★ copy while Lunatic and Infernal will each grant a 4★ copy. You also get 2,000 Hero Feathers for taking down the Infernal Map! Take a look below for Aversa’s Infernal difficulty stats and skills, as well as a look at the map layout.

Aversa is a pretty interesting GHB unit. For starters, she’s the first non-seasonal Red Tome Flier, which makes her rather unique. At 5★, she comes with a personal weapon: Aversa’s Night. It grants her Res+3 as well as inflicting the Panic status on some enemies in the field. She also has Dragon Fang, HP/Spd 2, and Odd Res Wave.

Grand Hero Battle: Aversa will be available for little over a week, ending on 3 November.

The Notification Screen also gives us some information for the next Forging Bonds event that begins this weekend! It will feature all of the Brave Redux heroes: Loki, Aversa, Owain, and Kliff.

New to this edition of Forging Bonds, all players will be able to automatically equip any bonus accessories available before going into battle. The screen also gives us a peek at those accessories:

This latest Forging Bonds: Dueling Desires will start this Saturday, 27 October.