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Fire Emblem Engage: Goldmary, Zelkov & Somniel Tidbits via Twitter

Note: This is a backdated article.

The daily Fire Emblem Engage Twitter posts continue! This time, I’ll be combining two days since most of the info isn’t new.

Goldmary’s profile:

Goldmary (VA: Natsumi Takamori) is a royal knight of Elusia, and both a retainer and friend to Princess Hortensia. She’s timid and shy, but loves herself. Despite her modesty, she can act brazenly.

A battle scene with Goldmary:

Goldmary is at the desert shoals map, presumably in Solm.

She’s a Level 3 Hero with a Steel Blade, Silver Sword, Spear and Elixir, swapping to the Spear during combat. Her foe’s an Elusian soldier with a Steel-Hand Art. During battle, her skill “Disarming Sigh” triggers, reducing the Hit rate of her foe.

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