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Fire Emblem Fates: Corrin Nohr Noble 1/7 Scale Figure Announced!

At WonHobby Gallery 2023 Spring, a new scale figure for Corrin in her Nohr Noble attire was revealed.

The figure is expected to release on June 2024, so just over a year away.

Intelligent Systems has added a product page on their website, featuring a 360 degree showcase, plus artwork and a comment from Yusuke Kozaki, who designed the characters.

Here’s our translation of his comment:

No way, Corrin is getting a scale figure and it’s the popular Nohr Noble outfit too!

It has a really cool finish and looks great from every angle. It seems CG is used for prototyping these days–the realistic shape of the cape and the silhouette of the flowing hair is a clear sign–and the quality has improved a lot in recent years.

It’s already been 8 years since the release of Fire Emblem Fates, but I’m delighted that we still have the chance to sculpt it with the latest technology!

Good Smile Company (the distributor) also has their own product page. Below are photos from the page.

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Merchandise: Roy & Lilina 1/7-scale Figures Arriving September/October 2023!

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have revealed not one, but two new scale figures–this time of Roy and Lilina from Binding Blade, which celebrated its 20th anniversary back in March.

These are collectively the 5th set of figures, in Intelligent System’s range of Fire Emblem scale figures. The previous figure was female Byleth, which releases on February 2023.

Roy’s figure will be releasing on October 2023, while Lilina’s figure arrives a bit earlier on September 2023. Pre-orders are open now, such as via Good Smile Company (Roy / Lilina). Each figure has a RRP of 29,700 Yen.

You can find multiple photos of both figures via the GSC links above and also from Intelligent System’s website. Of note, there are 360 degree videos for each figure (Roy / Lilina).

Additionally, Eiji Kaneda–the official artist for Binding Blade–designed the artwork for the figures and also shared a message on IS’s website.

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Merchandise: First Look at Claude & Lysithea Pop Up Parade Figures!

Good Smile Company has showcased the last of the announced Pop Up Parade figures for FE: Three Houses–Claude and Lysithea from the Golden Deer house.

As expected, they will be released during January 2023. Pre-orders are now open, with a suggested retail price of 4,800 Yen.

Hopefully these figures do well so we get more Pop Up Parade figures of other Fire Emblem characters!

Claude von Riegan

Sculptor: Nekonama (Ikurie)
Approx 180 mm in height.

Product page

Lysithea von Ordelia

Sculptor: k2b
Approx 150 mm in height.

Product page

Merchandise: First Look at Dimitri & Felix Pop Up Parade Figures!

Last month, Good Smile Company revealed Pop Up Parade figures for Edelgard and Bernadetta, while confirming figures for Dimitri, Felix, Claude and Lysithea.

Today, pre-orders for Dimitri and Felix are now open and we also have images of them, via their product pages. They will be released on December 2022, costing 4,800 Yen each.

As originally outlined, pre-orders for Claude and Lysithea will open during August, presumably with a January 2023 release date.

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd

Sculptor: Nekonama (Ikurie)
Approx 180 mm in height.

Product page

Felix Hugo Fraldarius

Sculptor: Nekonama (Ikurie)
Approx 180 mm in height.

Product page