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Heroes: Grand Conquests return!

Grand Conquests make a return this week, with the battles being brought to the land of Magvel from The Sacred Stones.

Lyon, the Prince of Grado, Innes, the Prince of Frelia, and Ephraim, the Prince of Renais, will fight for control over the continent over three different battles, each lasting two days. The event is active until the 24th of January, 6:59AM UTC.

I suppose if the map allowed for more armies, we could also have seen L’Arachel and Joshua (spoilers?) representing their own lands, but alas. Maybe in some future update.

Fight to help expand your army’s territory.

The more points you earn, the more Tiers you unlock, giving you rewards such as Orbs, and allowing your scores to influence neighbouring areas of your fights.

The more area score your army has by the end of each battle, the more Feathers (and Arena Medals, but nobody cares about those) everyone within your army will receive at the end.

You also earn Feathers for scoring highly within your own army after each battle, so don’t be afraid to use all your Refill Lances if you feel confident in your abilities, or save them for a future battle.

Heroes: Grand Conquests – Back to Elibe

We hope you all got some cool gifts yesterday–or, if not, that you had a safe and happy time! Anyway, another Grand Conquests event has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Twenty years prior to Cecilia teaching Roy and Lilina how to take over the continent of Elibe, their predecessors–Lyn, Eliwood and Hector–had already made a sport out of this. Perhaps it all started when a sparring match got completely out of hand?

As with previous Grand Conquests, the event is divided into three rounds that last around 2 days each. During this time, you can earn rewards based on your overall tier, your team’s area score and your rank within your team. There are also quests for each round.

By the way, if you haven’t completed the Three Princesses quests, this could be a good time to stack them. For instance, the first round gives a boost to Flying allies, making it an ideal battlefield for Eir.

Heroes: Grand Hero Battle: Gharnef, and Grand Conquests

Another day brings another day for Heroes news! Today we see the release of a new Grand Hero Battle challenge in the form of Gharnef: Dark Pontifex.

This guy plays an important role within the events of Mystery of the Emblem (FE3), and you can earn yourself up to three copies of him by defeating his GHB on Hard (3-star), Lunatic (4-star) and Infernal (4-star + 2,000 Feathers) difficulties.

This GHB starts today, and will end on the 3rd of December, 6:59AM UTC.

Click “read more” to read about Gharnef’s abilities.

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Heroes: Thracian Grand Conquest + Marisa Goal Reached!

Starting this weekend in Fire Emblem Heroes, we’re heading back to the continent of Jugdral for another Grand Conquests. Although this is our third visit, it’s the first time we’re fighting in Thracia–the stage of Thracia 776.

As usual, there will be three rounds that last for 2 days each, with the full event ending during the daily rollover on 27th October 2018. Within this time, you can earn a bunch of spiffy rewards based on your and your army’s military prowess.

In addition, the 60 million infantry deployment goal for Heroic Feats 3 has been met, so expect to see a 4★ Marisa in your Inbox very soon!

Correction: The fourth and final (for now) Heroic Feats is scheduled to start on 23rd October 2018.