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Heroes: Grand Conquests is back!

Grand Conquests is back once again in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare a powerful brigade and head to the Events page to check it out.

This time around, the map is based on Jugdral, the continent from Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776. Help guide your outrealm’s army to victory by defeating enemies and gaining territory. As you win battles, you’ll gain CG Tiers for great prizes, like Orbs!

In addition to tiers and army rank rewards, you can also complete quests for more prizes. These quests refresh every 48 hours with each new battle, so make sure to complete them in time! You can earn Orbs, Hero Feathers, Crystals, and also Conquest Lances to fight more battles.

Furhermore, Heroes has implemented a few new changes to Grand Conquests. The length of each round has been doubled, and so the number of rounds per battle has been halved. They’ve also changed the method for calculating final score, as you’ll notice in this screen that pops up. Check out the notifications screen for more details.

This edition of Grand Conquests will last for six days, ending on September 4th.

Heroes: Grand Conquests – Valentia Part 2

August has just started–and so too has a new Grand Conquests event in Fire Emblem Heroes! Between 1st August and 6th August, Summoners can wage war on the continent of Valentia from Shadows of Valentia.

Previously, the battles took place on the southern half of the continent, but now they’ve moved to the northern half, which is largely occupied by the Rigelian Empire. There’s a tiny bit of story too, as Anna claims these battles are all for training. So not world dominion.

As announced in the previous Feh Channel, there are a number of changes to the event:

  • Rewards will be available for each of the three periods of Grand Conquest. They will be determined by your “Rank in Army” score.
  • The fewer areas controlled by your army at the end of each round, the higher the initial defense score at the beginning of the next round.
  • There are new Level 10 and 20 Normal difficulty maps. Plus Infernal difficulty maps after reaching GC Tier 8, featuring the return of enemies that can instantly act after teleporting.

Last but not least, because it’s a new month, there are three pages of new monthly quests. You could probably clear a whole bunch of them by battling in Grand Conquests!

Heroes: 4th Grand Conquests is Under Way!

Prepare yourselves! As Tempest Trials+ winds down in Fire Emblem Heroes, a new event begins! Assemble your strongest brigades and take part in the 4th Grand Conquests.

Like previous Grand Conquests, participating players will be placed in one of three possible teams throughout numerous Outrealms. Vie for territory against the other two teams; the more areas your team owns at the end of the round, the more Arena Medals and Hero Feathers you earn! The location for the battles this time is the continent of Valentia.

Remember, quests for each round offer a variety of rewards, so be sure to complete them! Advancing your GC Tier will also net you Orbs, Badges, Refining Stones, and Sacred Coins, making it well worth your while to participate.

Each round will last two days, with a total of three rounds. The final round of Grand Conquests will conclude Sunday, 1 July.

On another note, Version 2.6.1 has started rolling out today. This revision fixes a bug with Infantry Rush affecting enemy units. To apologize for any inconvenience, compensation Orbs will be provided starting 28 June.

Heroes: 3rd Grand Conquests is Now Live!

Another special battle event has begun in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare your strongest brigade and head to the Events for the 3rd Grand Conquests. Round 1 has just begun!

Just like before, Heroes players will start off in one of three teams in one of many Outrealms. This time around, players will be fighting battles across the continent of Archanea. Compete against the other two teams for prestige and prizes, and to raise your GC Tier for prizes! You can complete quests each round to earn more rewards as well.

However, there are a few changes this time around. Players will need to raise their ranks before they’ll be able to fight in more difficult battles. You need to reach GC Tier 4 to unlock Lunatic maps and GC Tier 8 for Infernal. Additionally, map effects have been expanded and are easier to view, and enemy brigades are expanded to 40 heroes.

Round 1 will end at reset on Monday, 19 May. Afterward, there will be a break for another few hours before Round 2 begins. The event as a whole will last until Tuesday, 22 May.

Heroes developers do seem to be actively tweaking and improving Grand Conquests still. So, if you’d like to give feedback about how the recent changes affect the game mode, or if you have further suggestions you’d like to make, feel free to offer feedback!