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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival: Takumi!

Another GHB Revival has just arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare your strongest team and head into Special Maps to tackle Grand Hero Battle Revival: Takumi.

With two enemy Takumi wielding the deadly Skadi, plus enemy reinforcements, Takumi’s GHB is one of the toughest yet! Do your best to complete all of his maps if you haven’t already. Additionally, you can beat Takumi under certain conditions to win Orbs and an extra 3★ copy! Scroll down below for further quest details.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Takumi will be around for about a week, ending on 13 August.

Furthermore, Feh’s Summer Celebration is still going full swing! Don’t forget to complete your daily maps for two Orbs, and also do your free summons on the daily banners. Today’s banner is Heroes with Quick Riposte and contains 5★ focus units for Leo, Subaki, and Klein.
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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle: Walhart!

A new GHB is now available in Fire Emblem Heroes! Build up your strongest team and head to Special Maps to defeat Grand Hero Battle: Walhart.

Walhart is a Cavalry axe-wielder, going into battle with his trusty Wolf Berg. Defeat his map on all three difficulties to earn three copies of him, one 3★ and two 4★, as well as 2,000 Hero Feathers. You can see his Infernal difficulty stats and skills, as well as the Infernal map layout, below. Beware enemy reinforcements too!

Grand Hero Battle: Walhart will be available for a little over a week, ending on 6 August.

Heroes: Voting Gauntlet Announcement + Grand Hero Battle Revival: Lyon!

Details for the next Voting Gauntlet in Fire Emblem Heroes have been revealed! Dubbed Fated Battles, the latest Voting Gauntlet pits various protagonists against their arch-nemeses: Marth, Hardin, Sigurd, Arvis, Legendary Ephraim, Lyon, Legendary Ike and Zelgius.

Here are the match-ups for the first round:

The Voting Gauntlet begins this Tuesday, 2 July and will last until 7 July. A special Log-In Bonus celebrating the upcoming event also began today. If you lack some of the Heroes taking part in the Gauntlet, you can attempt to summon them from the newly released Voting Gauntlet banner!

Included in the banner are Sigurd, Marth, Zelgius and Hardin. Note that Legendary Ephraim and Ike can be summoned from the on-going Legendary banner instead. Meanwhile if you don’t have him already, Arvis can be challenged as a rotating GHB on Sunday, 1 June.

As for Lyon, anyone who missed obtaining him or couldn’t complete his GHB maps is in luck! Grand Hero Battle Revival: Lyon is now live!

Lyon is also accompanied by a handful of new quests! Defeat Lyon’s maps under certain conditions to earn four Orbs and another 3★ copy of him. Details about the quests can be found below.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: Lyon will last until 7 July, so you have a little over a week to defeat him and snag some Orbs.

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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival: OIiver + Summer Hero Silhouettes!

When you’re ready to take a break from Tempest Trials+, head over to Special Maps for a GHB Revival event! Grand Hero Battle Revival: OIiver is back in Heroes, along with quests for Orbs as well.

If you weren’t able to beat all of Oliver’s maps before, now is the perfect time to try again. Furthermore, everyone has access to new quests involving the GHB! Defeat Oliver’s map under various conditions to earn an additional four Orbs and another 3★ copy of Oliver. You can see full quest details below.

Grand Hero Battle Revival: OIiver will be around for a bit over a week, ending on 28 June.

Additionally, @FE_Heroes_JP has given us a teaser for upcoming Special Heroes banner later this week! As expected, the banner will feature Summer Heroes. The silhouettes show a male and a female, as well as a tiny crab! Who do you think they could be?

This banner is scheduled to begin later this week on 21 June and is scheduled to last a full month. We’ll likely get a trailer revealing the units and their skills tomorrow.
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