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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle: Aversa + New Forging Bonds Info!

As teased in the recent Brave Redux paralogue, Aversa is our newest GHB to arrive in Fire Emblem Heroes! Prepare your strongest team to take her down in Grand Hero Battle: Aversa.

You can defeat Aversa in up to three different battles: Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. As usual, Hard will grant you a 3★ copy while Lunatic and Infernal will each grant a 4★ copy. You also get 2,000 Hero Feathers for taking down the Infernal Map! Take a look below for Aversa’s Infernal difficulty stats and skills, as well as a look at the map layout.

Aversa is a pretty interesting GHB unit. For starters, she’s the first non-seasonal Red Tome Flier, which makes her rather unique. At 5★, she comes with a personal weapon: Aversa’s Night. It grants her Res+3 as well as inflicting the Panic status on some enemies in the field. She also has Dragon Fang, HP/Spd 2, and Odd Res Wave.

Grand Hero Battle: Aversa will be available for little over a week, ending on 3 November.

The Notification Screen also gives us some information for the next Forging Bonds event that begins this weekend! It will feature all of the Brave Redux heroes: Loki, Aversa, Owain, and Kliff.

New to this edition of Forging Bonds, all players will be able to automatically equip any bonus accessories available before going into battle. The screen also gives us a peek at those accessories:

This latest Forging Bonds: Dueling Desires will start this Saturday, 27 October.

Heroes: GHB Revival – Kana, Next Season’s Arena Bonus Heroes revealed, Heroic Feats Round 2 begins, and more!

It’s the weekend and I’d rather be in bed, but here, have another Fire Emblem Heroes news update!

Top of the news post today is the reappearance of Kana, in the Grand Hero Battle Revival – Kana: Dragon Spawn. If you missed out on obtaining any copies of him during his original run, here’s your opportunity to grab him. Defeating Hard difficulty will net you a 3-Star Kana, while Lunatic and Infernal difficulties both grant a 4-Star Kana each. Completing Infernal gives you an additional 2,000 Feathers.

Since this is a GHB Revival, there are now Quests available where you may earn Orbs and 3-Star Kana for completing them! This GHB Revival ends on the 18th of October, 6:59AM UTC. Claw up all the rewards before time runs out.

Next Arena season’s bonus Heroes have been revealed. They include: Legendary Young Tiki, Halloween Kagero, Halloween Myrrh, Halloween Mia, Halloween Niles, Halloween Dorcas (upcoming Tempest Trials+ reward), Saias, Legion, Lon’Qu, and Alfonse.

Raise any Bonus Heroes you may have and defeat enemies with them to earn up to 60 extra Arena points to your total Arena score (3 points per enemy defeated with a Bonus Hero).

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Heroes: Grand Hero Battle Revival – Saias!

While we wait for the Legendary Dragon‘s debut, Fire Emblem Heroes has brought back Saias’s Grand Hero Battle to keep us occupied.

The Bishop of Flame from Thracia 776 specialises in debuffing his foes–proof of his tactical acumen. Even if you defeated Saias earlier, there are new limited time quests for everyone, which award additional Orbs and another copy of Saias.

Saias’s Grand Hero Battle will last until the daily rollover on 4th October 2018. You can continue reading below for a list of the applicable quests.

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Heroes: Garon, King of Nohr GHB Available Now

If you’d been waiting for your chance to give Garon a good stomping, you can breath and reprieve, as Garon, King of Nohr can be defeated, and recruited, via his Grand Hero Battle, available now until September 27.


Garon, a Red Dragon Infantry (much different from the Axe role he fulfilled in Fire Emblem Fates) can run with no inheritance at 5* rarity, Dragon Fang, Distant Def 3, Panic Ploy 3 and his unique breath, Breath of Blight, which has 16 Mt, 1 Rng and the effect: Neutralizes “effective against dragons” bonuses. At the start of turn 4, deals 10 damage to foes within 3 spaces, and restores HP to unit = number of foes within 3 spaces × 5. If foe’s Range = 2, calculates damage using the lower of foe’s Def or Res.

This GHB of course comes with various methods of orb acquisition and it will be around for only 7 days, and that’s not all; a new Tactics Drill is available so don’t pass these one up!