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Heroes: Legion Great Hero Battle Teaser!

The next Great Hero Battle begins tomorrow in Fire Emblem Heroes! The next villain you’ll be able to recruit is Legion from New Mystery of the Emblem. @FE_Heroes_JP shared the following image as a preview of his battle map.

Legion comes with a special weapon, Legion’s Axe. This axe has the same effect as the Panic Staff, turning his foe’s bonuses into penalties. He also comes with Fury, Obstruct, and Reprisal.

The new GHB will be available starting tomorrow, 16 June, at 7:00am UTC. Beat Legion’s Hard map for a 3★ version of this hero and Lunatic for a 4★ version! Presumably, we’ll also get a new focus banner with specific units to help defeat him.

Heroes: Zephiel Great Hero Battle Revival!

If you can pull yourself away from earning points in Tempest Trials for a bit, Fire Emblem Heroes has a new temporary event for you! Zephiel’s Great Hero Battle is returning, giving players another opportunity to score Binding Blade’s villain.

As usual with returning GHBs, we also get a new series of quests associated with the battle. Defeat Zephiel’s map under certain conditions to win another 3★ copy of the hero and up to three Orbs!

Great Hero Battle Revival: Zephiel and its associated quests will be available through 16 June at 6:59am UTC.

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Heroes: Camus Great Hero Battle is Live!

The next Great Hero Battle has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! Now is your chance to defeat Camus: Sable Knight and add him to your team!

As in previous battles, you can challenge him at both Hard and Lunatic difficulty to earn yourself a 3★ or 4★ version of Camus to your team respectively. Armed with Gradivus, Grani’s Shield, and Goad Cavalry, he makes a great addition to any cavalier team. He also comes with the special skill Growing Thunder.

If you’re having troubles against Camus, the new banner Battling Camus may be able to help you out. The 5★ focus units for this banner are Young Tiki, Fae, Olwen, and Jaffar.

Both the Grand Hero Battle and its associated banner will be available for a week until 9 June at 6:59am UTC. There’s still been no word yet on what the next Great Hero Battle will be.

Heroes: June Quests & Camus Great Hero Battle!

June is here, and with the new month comes some exciting, if expected, updates for Fire Emblem Heroes. A new series of June Quests has arrived to replace last month’s May Quests. Beat the objectives to earn a variety of rewards, including up to 22 Orbs!

The quests are very similar in form and rewards to the previous month. The missions are split into three pages separated by type. You can see a full breakdown of all of the new quests below.

@FE_Heroes_JP has also formally announced the next upcoming Great Hero Battle! It will feature Camus, the infamous leader of the Sable Knights from Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light and its remake Shadow Dragon. Camus comes wielding Gradivus and a new A skill, Grani’s Shield, that negates “effective against” bonuses for cavalry units.

As usual, Camus’s GHB comes in two varieties: Hard and Lunatic. Beating the Hard version will earn you a 3★ version of Camus, but you’ll need to beat the fiendishly difficult Lunatic version for his 4★.

You can begin your battles against Camus tomorrow, 2 June, at 7:00am UTC. A new banner will also be arrive at that time to give you a bit of a boost if necessary.

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