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Heroes: Hall of Forms event is live!

The latest Fire Emblem Heroes game mode that many of us have been waiting for is now live: Hall of Forms!

Take control of four Heroes and shape them into the Forma you want them to be. You can read all about the details of the mode at the bottom of the 3.10.0 update rundown news post, here.

The mode begins today and will remain active until the 24th of October 6:59am UTC.

Also today: For a second day in a row, we have a new Tactics Drills map called “Black Fang, Certain Death!” to complete in the Grandmaster menu. Good luck!

Heroes: Update is now live including new refines, and Tap Battle Is Gone! [crab emoji]

Fire Emblem Heroes’ big monthly update has landed today, bringing with it some nice new features and content.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new and what will be here soon:

  • The Field and Dining Hall have been added to the Aether Resort
  • Duo Heroes have been added to the game
  • Aether Raids and Aether Resort update, including new Duo Hero-related structures and some fresh banging tunes
  • New weapons and/or new refines have been added for Lute, Virion, Frederick and Hawkeye
  • New game mode: Hall of Forms will be coming soon

Also, two pieces of information that need no further explanation:

  • Two new Heroes available via Heroic Grails: Death Knight and Sigrun
  • *crab* Tap Battle IS GONE *crab*

You can read into more detailed information about the update by clicking on “Read more” below.

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Heroes: Feh Channel breakdown – Spooky Scary banner, new game mode, new Aether Resort plantation feature, and more!

They did it again, dropping another Feh Channel on us unannounced and catching us unawares.You can watch it for yourself here:

If you don’t have 15 minutes or can’t watch/listen to a video for whatever reason, you can read through this breakdown post to get the gist of things that were revealed. Click on “Read more” below to find out what’s coming over the next few weeks.

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