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Heroes: Dragons Invade Halloween Again in “Divine Harvest”

Certain themes come and go, with even the dancer, ninja and pirate banners taking a break. But this year, we’ll still be celebrating Halloween with dragons.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Special Heroes include: Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Naga and Duo Duma (with Mila).

In addition, Nils: Wandering Star will be available from the Tempest Trials event.

If you guessed Nils and male Corrin from the silhouettes, well done. Also, at long last, Witch Corrin has made the transition from FE: Cipher to FE: Heroes. Hmm, are there any notable dragons remaining for another draconic Halloween next year?

Anyway, please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: Year 1 Halloween Banner returns from the dead!

Fire Emblem Heroes’ original Halloween banner – Trick or Defeat – is back and available for you to summon from!

Until the 15th of November 6:59am UTC, the Special Heroes Halloween Sakura, Henry, Jakob and Nowi are on focus. If you want copies of these units, you have a full month to try.

Heroes: Halloween banner is live, and Harvest Festival Celebration begins!

Fire Emblem Heroes’ Harvest Festival Celebration that was announced in the recent Feh Channel is finally upon us!

To kick it off, we’ve got the 2019 Halloween banner “A Monstrous Harvest” available now to summon from.

Hector (ft. Lilina), L’Arachel, Dozla and Ilyana are wearing the appropriate attire for the upcoming holiday. If you haven’t yet seen what skills they have available, you can go and watch their introduction video here.

Other things that are happening as part of the Harvest Festival Celebration can be viewed if you click on “Read more“.

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Heroes: Last year’s Halloween “Trick or Defeat” banner makes a return!

As is tradition, last year’s special Halloween banner “Trick or Defeat” makes a return, and will be sticking around for a full month before disappearing into obscurity for another 11 months.

The banner will disappear on the 15th of November, 6:59AM UTC. This is your best chance to pick up one or more of the following: Nowi – Eternal Witch, Henry – Happy Vampire, Sakura – Gentle Nekomata, and Jakob – Devoted Monster.