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Heroes: New Weapons and Refines for Laslow, Jakob, Barst, and female Morgan to be in the next update!

Today’s Heroes news, along with the previously posted Mythic Hero Lif reveal, is that of the contents of the 4.2.0 update slated for early February.

New weapons with refines will be given to OG Laslow, Barst, OG Jakob, and female Morgan.

Laslow will get Laslow’s Blade,
Barst will get the Devil Axe,
Jakob will get Jakob’s Tray,
and female Morgan will get the Father’s Tactics tome.

Also within the update:

The number of offensive structures is being increased from 5 to 6 for Aether Raids, so you can now fill out the whole bottom row of the map if you would prefer to use more structures than have the space free to traverse.

There are also three new songs being added to the Concert Hall:
Royal Palace of Silesse” from Genealogy of the Holy War,
Lyon (Organ Arrangement)” from The Sacred Stones, and
Spring Radiance” from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia.

Usually during these update previews we also get information on the next Heroes to be available via Grails, but not this time. Big “HMM” right there.

Considering the sheer sparsity of this post, I’m going to speculate that the rest of the update will be revealed during the expected upcoming 3rd Anniversary Feh Channel, which I feel could also have something new in store for Grail units – possibly explaining why they may not have dropped the information in these preview notes.

Expect the Feh Channel to drop sometime this week, seeing as how this upcoming Sunday the 2nd of February will officially be Heroes’ 3rd birthday.