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Heroes: Heroes with Ignis Weekly Banner and Official Byleth Artwork

As the weekly banners come and go, we still have our anticipated skill-based banners to look forward to. This time, we’re introduced to the Heroes with Ignis banner, featuring Leon, Thea and Hector (Maltet), and runs from today until July 14. I scored a three-star Catria with my free summon, so I hope your luck beats mine!

Also arriving in today’s reset is a new Grandmaster Tactics Drill! Check it out to test your Heroes skills and earn 300 Hero Feathers.

Additionally, as mentioned in Kirie’s post two days ago, we’re getting an opportunity to receive a free [Male] Byleth, as well as a chance to summon him. His official art, drawn by the same artist of Arvis, Innes and Saias from Heroes, was released for the game, and it looks pretty snazzy.