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Vestaria Saga II English Release Set for 28th July 2022

The second mainline game in the Vestaria Saga series, The Sacred Sword of Silvanister will be released in English on 28th July 2022.

Last year, an English release was confirmed, but only for “2022”.

Also, not long after the aforementioned news, the original Japanese release was remade and renamed from Vestaria Saga Gaiden to Vestaria Saga II. The English version will be based on the remake.

Vestaria Saga II continues and wraps up Zade’s story from the first Vestaria Saga. Initially intended as a gaiden (side story), it was upgraded to mainline status in lieu of its plot importance and substantial content.

In addition, Vestaria Saga III, which concludes the trilogy, is also in development, although progress has stalled. In the meantime, the team is working on a remake of Vestaria Saga I instead.

Vestaria Saga I Remake in the Works

Late in 2021, S_Kaga showcased a remake of Vestaria Saga Gaiden, which would be renumbered Vestaria Saga II. Afterwards, it was revealed that the English release of Vestaria Saga Gaiden would be based on the remake.

(Screenshot belongs to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.)

Today, S_Kaga announced that his team is also remaking the original Vestaria Saga I, in a similar manner. He mentions that the next game (III) is still in the preparation stages because he’s lacking motivation for the scenario due to various reasons. So right now, he’s focusing on this instead.

With the help of an excellent programmer, he says that progress on the game systems is going well. Although it’s a remake, a lot of effort is still required. So the expected release date is Fall by the latest. They will also use this as a springboard towards the trilogy finale…

The remake will introduce new elements (rules) besides the controls and layout. The main changes include:

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Vestaria Saga Gaiden Being Remade; Renamed “Vestaria Saga II”

Last week, the English release of Vestaria Saga Gaiden: The Sacred Sword of Silvanister was officially announced for 2022.

Curiously, the Japanese Vestaria Saga Twitter account has revealed that the original The Sacred Sword of Silvanister is being remade using the latest version (of SRPG Studio) and will henceforth be known as Vestaria Saga II.

(Screenshot belongs to S_Kaga and Vestaria Project.)

The remade version of The Sacred Sword of Silvanister is currently undergoing final testing and is expected to release near the start of 2022, in time for the New Year holidays.

Currently, it’s not known how the English release of The Sacred Sword of Silvanister will be affected. However, one of the quotes (which also explains other things), implies that the publisher is aware.

Ah, the reason it’s II is because it was better suited for international markets. It’s a proper sequel to I and has a good amount of content, so we thought it’d be easier than calling it a “gaiden”. The final chapter will be released as III.


Here’s what’s changed in the remake:

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Vestaria Saga “Silverbirch’s Sacred Sword” and “Heroes of Lucca” Released!

English fans are still waiting for the official translation of Vestaria Saga I, the latest game by the creator of the Fire Emblem series. But lo and behold, S_Kaga has just released both of his brand new gaiden (side story) games on the same day.

Left: Silverbirch’s Sacred Sword, Right: Heroes of Lucca

You can download the games via the official Vestaria Saga webpage. Check the Download page, then scroll to the bottom. You’ll need to click the top option to accept the terms and conditions. Then the download links will appear.

The first download link is for the original Vestaria Saga I, while the next is for Silverbirch’s Sacred Sword and the third is for Heroes of Lucca. Like the original game, the side stories are Japanese-only and available on PC only.

Although knowledge of Vestaria Saga I isn’t necessary, it is highly recommended that you play it first because both side stories are deeply connected. All three games are free, although the English version of Vestaria Saga I will be paid (to offset translation costs).

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