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Fire Emblem Engage: Jade & Arena Tidbits via Twitter

Note: This is a backdated article.

Wednesday’s daily Fire Emblem Engage content includes a profile for Jade, plus some info about the Arena at the Somniel.

First, meet Jade:

Jade (VA: Marie Miyake) is a royal knight from Brodia, and Diamant’s retainer. She’s a knight who’s very calm, and serious about her duties. Since she doesn’t speak much, people think she’s emotionless, but actually she can be cheerful and funny. When she’s in danger, she begins meditating on the spot.

A battle scene:

This occurs at the snowfield map seen in Diamant’s spotlight etc. and where Jade may be recruited as a NPC.

Jade is a Level 12 Axe Armor with a Steel Axe and Vulnerary.

Allies include Céline (cut off near corner), Etie (bow), Clanne (tome) and Amber (cut off lance cavalry). Jade’s foe is a Corrupted Lance Fighter.

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