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Team FE Presents Extra Life: Day 2, Nov. 10 11a – 11p PT

If you were able to tune in on November 3rd for Extra Life’s official Game Day event, you may recall the charity livestream featuring shenanigans from well known Fire Emblem players such as KirbymastaH and Gwimpage. With generous support, we were able to raise $1765 $1865! on our first day, which is absolutely amazing!

Day 2 is planned to start in about 15 minutes, can be viewed at our collaborative Twitch Channel, rFireEmblemHeroes, and will feature quite a lot of activity, including double the Voice Actor appearance and even more games.

If you have any interest in joining, then you’ll see some exciting participation as we’re joined by the following Voice Actors:

Additionally, our player roster leads off with the infamous Abdallah, starting things off with Fire Emblem Awakening, and will also feature our very own Raven, General Horace, and even Kyle McCarley himself.

If you’d like to be eligible to win a prize, feel free to donate to our cause, which of course, benefits Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the US. Prizes will be displayed in a slideshow during the stream, so check em out. Spoilers…one of the prizes is artwork created and donated by FE Heroes character artist Soeda Ippei!

The above image has our full timeline schedule, so join when you can and say hello!

For more details:

  • You can find more about Extra Life here
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  • For links on Prizes and donation logic, and other event details through Reddit, you can find it all here

Kyle Hebert Shares his Voice: An Interview

I just joined the team here at Serenes Forest with goals to maintain the front page news, but had hoped to find a few ways to go one step beyond my expectations. With the help of voice actor Kyle Hebert, it looks like I will be able to do just that!


Recently, Kyle Hebert responded to my request for a brief interview, and I was overjoyed at his enthusiasm. For those who aren’t aware, Hebert a very talented and popular voice actor. He is probably most known for his voice work in Dragon Ball Z as the Narrator and as Teen Gohan, but has dozens of other anime and video game roles under his belt. How is he relevant to Serenes Forest? Hebert happens to be the voice actor for both Frederick and Validar in Fire Emblem Awakening.


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