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Heroes: Wyvern Riders Quit Their Jobs to be a “Wyvern Ninja”

A while back, Fire Emblem Heroes retired the pirate festival; meanwhile, the ninja festival is still going strong.

(You can check out the Japanese trailer here.)

The “Wyvern Ninja” summoning event, which runs from 8th November 2022 (UTC), features Wyvern Riders from across the series in special ninja-themed garb: Camilla, Cherche, Heath and Laegjarn (with Fjorm).

Congratulations to Cherche for being a Year 1 Hero to get her first alt after all these years.

In addition, Haar will be available from the Tempest Trials event, Life & Death 5. Furthermore, the finale of Life & Death will occur during the version 7.0.0 update, which should align with Book VII.

Anyway, please continue for a text breakdown of the featured heroes!

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Heroes: Ascended Laegjarn Co-Stars with Tellius Folks!

Despite being a no-show in the latest “Ice & Flame 5” event, Ascended Laegjarn will debut in the next New Heroes banner, “New Heroes & Ascended Laegjarn”, which begins on 17th November 2021 (UTC).

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Heroes in the banner are: Volke, Astrid, Marcia and Ascended Laegjarn. Tanith also appears in the banner as a non-featured Hero. Meanwhile, Bertram will be available via the upcoming Grand Hero Battle. Excluding Laegjarn, these Heroes all originate from Path of Radiance.

Alongside the new Heroes, there will be a new story chapter that concludes the Book V arc, “Specter of Niðavellir”. There’s a good chance the final boss of Book V will appear in this month’s Mythic Hero banner, perhaps even alongside Thorr–similar to Freyja and Triandra last year (but that’s just a guess).

Please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: Generals of Múspell Out Now, Mini Acrylics Vol. 8 Out November

The recently teased Generals of Múspell banner is now live, giving us access to summon Laegjarn, Laevatein and Helbindi, until October 22.

For more details on the summonable Múspell generals, check out my summary of their skills here.

Additionally, if you’ve become fond of the Heroes acrylic ornaments, their eighth set is set for release in early November.

Featured will include standard Corrin (both Male and Female), Hardin, Camus, Fae, Amelia, Azura, Maribelle, ??? and an unrevealed Surtr. For more details on previous releases, pricing and more, click here.

Heroes: Generals of Múspell Joining the Ranks

With the conclusion of Book II upon us, Summoners can now get their hands on Múspell’s notable cast, in the new upcoming summoning banner, Generals of Múspell.

Care to watch the Japanese trailer? Click here.

In this banner, summoners may be fortunate enough to acquire one of Helbindi, Laegjarn or Laevatein, all of whom come with a unique batch of skills. Generals of Múspell will be active starting September 21 at 12a PT, and its Heroes will stick around through future summoning events.

Some of these skills (G Duel Infantry 3 and R Duel Flier 3) are notable, in that they are the first skills which directly impact scoring for modes like Arena/Arena Assault by design and description. They allow your unit to be scored as if they have more stats than they actually have, for scoring purposes, allowing for some interesting deployment tactics for teambuilding. This is a big deal for units like Caeda, who have a score within the 150s, and can provide significant score boosts. This doesn’t boost a unit’s stats, aside from the specifically mentioned HP +5, this just simulates a boost for scoring purposes.

If you’re more interested what each unit brings to the table, click Read More for a breakdown.

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