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Heroes: Edelgard Legendary Banner and Hero Battle now available, and Golden Week Events are coming soon!

Today’s Heroes update brings us the Edelgard: Flame Emperor Legendary Hero Summoning Event, along with her Legendary Hero Battle!

You can view our previous news post regarding the banner if you wish to see who is joining Edelgard on the banner.

Nintendo Newsletter subscribers will also be aware of upcoming Golden Week Events!

The newsletter states that during the event, players will earn up to 20 Orbs, 15 free summon tickets, as well as access to 5x EXP & SP, “and more“!

Heroes: Legendary Chrom banner and Legendary Hero Battle are now live!

Today’s FE Heroes update includes the release of the latest Legendary Hero, Chrom: Crowned Exalt, along with a new Legendary Hero Battle.

You can earn a golden variant of the Wings of Darkness for completing the Abyssal difficulty, so maybe that will push you into making an effort to beat it.

If you want to see what other Heroes are available with this banner, you can read our previous news post here.

The LHB and banner will come to a close on the 5th of March 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: A Gift from Sothis (First Summon Tickets) & Legendary Celica Banner

Happy Holidays everyone! For a change, Fire Emblem Heroes has a Christmas gift for all Summoners! And it’s all thanks to Sothis, who took over the Twitter account yesterday but has now sadly departed.

If you log in to the game before the daily rollover on 1st January 2020, you can pick up 3 sets of 3 First Summon Tickets for the Legendary Celica, Winter’s Envoy and Gifts of Winter banners (for a total of 9 tickets).

As a reminder, Legendary Celica’s banner has just started today and will be around until the rollover on 6th January 2020. As you’d expect, there’s also a set of Legendary Hero Battle maps for her. Plus the following LHBs or MHBs are being re-run: Robin, Hríd, Roy, Naga and Thrasir.

There’s another surprise, although perhaps unintended. In the newest update, data-miners have discovered the upcoming and currently unrevealed New Year’s Special Heroes. If you’re curious to know their identities in advance, please visit the FEH subreddit.

Heroes: Legendary Leif Banner and LH Battle are live!

It’s that time of the month in Fire Emblem Heroes: A new Legendary Hero rises in the form of Leif: Unifier of Thracia!

As normal, the Legendary banner comes with a new Legendary Hero Battle challenge for you to partake in. You can earn up to 9 Orbs for completing all difficulties up to Infernal, and a golden accessory for defeating Abyssal.

The banner and LHB will be available from today until the 5th of November 6:59am UTC.

You can read more about the Legendary banner such as the other available focus units and Leif’s stats/kit in our previous news post here.