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Heroes: Legendary Eliwood banner and Legendary Hero Battle are now live!

It’s almost the end of the month, meaning it’s time for a new Legendary Hero.

This month, it’s Eliwood: Blazing Knight.

You can read more about the new Hero and the contents of the banner he is being released with in the previous news post that revealed him here.

As with each new Legendary or Mythic Hero, a new Hero Battle becomes available to challenge.

This LHB sees you take on Legendary Eliwood and his allies ranging from Normal difficulty all the way to Abyssal, with rewards including a Wind Blessing, 9 Orbs, and a Golden Knight Headpiece if you manage to complete all difficulties.

Both the Legendary banner and the LHB will be available from today and will come to a close on the 5th of July, 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Legendary Banner and Roy: Blazing Lion LHB are here!

It’s nearly the end of the month, and that means it’s time for the monthly Legendary Banner and a new Legendary Hero to make their entrance to Heroes.

Roy: Blazing Lion is the latest Legendary Hero to join the fray, and will be joined by 11 other 5-Star exclusive Heroes, including Special and other Legendary Heroes. The banner begins today and will end on the 6th of March, 6:59am UTC.

Accompanying the new banner is a new Legendary Hero Battle, featuring our boy Roy.

You can earn a Fire Blessing and up to 9 Orbs for completing all difficulties from Normal to Infernal, and a Golden Imperial Tiara EX accessory for defeating the Abyssal difficulty. The LHB begins today and will end on the 6th of March, 6:59am UTC.

Legendary Roy comes with a new type of Bonus. The following screenshot describes it as, “Draw out tougher matches” within the Arena.

Essentially, aside from +3 HP to Fire blessed allies, this effect treats Roy’s own total stats as 175 if he is at 5-Star and level 40 – his own personal Duel skill. This allows your Arena team to fight against enemies with a higher Arena score. A new ability is slated to be released come April, which may add effects to allies – or even to Roy himself – outside of Arena.

Heroes: Legendary Heroes: Hríd Banner & Battle + Forging Bonds!

The latest Legendary Hero has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! You can now summon the final royal of Nifl: Hríd: Icy Blade in the Legendary Heroes: Hríd Banner. Check out our earlier article for a look at his trailer and skill breakdown.

11 other 5★ exclusive heroes will also be available this banner alongside Hríd: Laevateinn, Legendary Ryoma, Summer Cordelia, Brave Hector, Legendary Lucina, Female Kana, Summer Innes, Gunnthra, Legendary Female Robin, Summer Noire, and Nina. Best of luck summoning the heroes you most desire!

If you need a few more Orbs for this banner, Heroes has you covered. You can earn another 9 Orbs in Hríd’s Legendary Hero Battle! The Legendary Battles for Lucina, Ryoma, and Female Robin are also back as well, if you still haven’t completed all of those. Beat the Infernal level of all four battles to unlock Abyssal and more Gold Accessories!

Additionally, one more event is starting in Heroes today: Forging Bonds: The Sworn Oath. It features the four singlings of Nifl: Fjorm, Gunnthrá, Ylgr, and Hríd. It seems to take place before the events of Book II, and starts off with Ylgr having a strange dream…

Battle through the maps to raise Friendship will all four heroes and learn more of their story! You’ll also earn Orbs, Accessories, and other prizes along the way. Check out our earlier article for more details.

This edition of Forging Bonds will last for two weeks like usual, ending on 12 December.

Heroes: Legendary Eirika banner open, Eirika and Lyn LHB, Golden Feh Doll accessory!

A new day, a new banner to summon from! As revealed yesterday, today’s banner is a Legendary banner, featuring the new Legendary hero Eirika: Graceful Resolve!

Other focus units are as follows: Summer Tana, Flying Olivia, Legendary Ephraim, Bridal Ninian, Sumia, Legendary Lyn, Bidal Sanaki, Male Fell Robin, Female Fell Robin, Genny, and Innes.

As is the case with all Legendary banners, the chance to summon any off-focus Hero is decreased to 0%, so no 5-star summon will be anything but the above listed Heroes. Also, the chance to summon a 5-star has been raised slightly from the regular 6% up to 8%. Legendary banners are the only opportunity you’ll get to summon Legendary Heroes, so if you really want one of them, there really is no better time. Just know that you have equal chances to summon one of the other focus Heroes of the same colour. Hopefully you’ve been saving those Orbs! The banner ends on the 7th of November, 6:59AM UTC.

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