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Heroes: Legendary Heroes – Lyn Summoning Event!

It’s time for another Legendary Hero Summoning Event in Fire Emblem Heroes! Try your luck summoning from the Legendary Heroes – Lyn Summoning Focus. In addition to being a Legendary Hero, Lyn is our first Green Archer and also a rather controversial alt. Check out our earlier article from last week for a breakdown of her skills.

11 other 5★ heroes are also joining Lyn in this new banner: Legendary Ike, Mage Eirika, Fallen Celica, Legendary Ephraim, PA!Shigure, Micaiah, PA!Inigo, Halloween Henry, Genny, Halloween Jakob, and Legendary Robin. The starting summoning rate for a 5★ unit is 8% and there are no off-focus units! Good luck getting the heroes you’d like!

Legendary Lyn also appears as the boss in a new series of Special Maps. Complete all four difficulties for a Wind Blessing and and nine Orbs! Like BHBs, the maps cost 0 stamina and all four of your allies must survive the battle.

The Legendary Heroes – Lyn banner and its associated map will be available until 7 May. Of the Legendary Heroes available this banner, Robin will appear again next banner late May, Ike and Ephraim late June, and Lyn not until late July. Based on this information, we can assume that the next Legendary Hero will likely be a red unit.

Meanwhile, Golden Week celebrations are continuing! The second Log-In Bonus starts today, and new Special Maps continue to pour in. Additionally, pre-registration for the special GW-edition of Grand Conquests is now open as well. The event will begin tomorrow, complete with some new changes and additions.

Finally, today is 1 May and that means new Monthly Quests! As usual, the quests are split into three parts, all similar to earlier monthly quests. It’s a great source of additional orbs if you’d like a few more to summon on the Legendary Heroes banner. You can also earn up Stamina Potions, Hero Feathers, and more. They’ll be available all month.

Heroes: Legendary Heroes – Robin Summoning Event & New Warriors Maps!

A new Legendary Hero has arrived in Fire Emblem Heroes! The Summoning Focus for Legendary Heroes – Robin is now available! Try and find Colorless Orbs to have a chance at summoning Robin: Fell Vessel, a new Earth Blessed hero. You can check out her preview trailer and skills in our earlier article.

Eleven other 5★ heroes appear in the banner with her: Legendary Ike, Halloween Nowi, Zelgius, Fjorm, Brave Lucina, Lute, Gunnthrá, Summer Elise, Summer Tiki, Halloween Sakura, and Brave Lyn. The base 5★ summoning rate is set to 8% and there are no off-focus 5★s! This is a great time to add some new heroes to your team.

Additionally, a new map featuring Robin: Fell Vessel is also available! This map is available in four different difficulties: Normal, Hard, Lunatic, and Infernal. Beat them all to earn another Earth Blessing and nine Orbs.

Both the Legendary Heroes – Robin banner and its associated map will be available for five days, ending on 3 April. According to the Notifications Screen, Legendary Ike and Robin will be available again in early May, and Fjorm and Gunnthrá in late May. The last Legendary Heroes event also stated that Legendary Ephraim would be returning in April.

Finally, new Fire Emblem Warriors maps are also coming to Heroes! To celebrate the release of the Awakening Warriors DLC, we’ll be getting new maps featuring Tharja, Olivia, and Owain/Odin. You can find them in the Special Maps menu.

Tharja’s maps are already available now! Win an Orb each for completing her map on Normal, Hard, and Lunatic mode. Like previous Warriors maps, they feature waves of reinforcements, but the enemies are weak, making them good for training units. Olivia’s and Odin’s maps will be coming later. The maps will be available through 18 April.

Heroes: Legendary Heroes – Ephraim Summoning Event + Free Ike Now Availble!

The Summoning Focus for Legendary Heroes – Ephraim is now live in Fire Emblem Heroes! Do you best to summon Ephraim: Legendary Lord as well as an assortment of other 5★ heroes. Check out our earlier article for a look at Ephraim and the other heroes.

This summoning event will only be around for a short while, ending on 5 March. However, every player who summons on the banner has an 8% chance to pull a 5★ focus unit!. It’s a great time to bulk up your team!

According to the News Post, both of the Legendary versions of Ike and Ephraim will be back for the next Legendary Heroes Summoning Event at the end of March.

CORRECTION: Apparently there was a miscommunication in the English language update. Ephraim: Legendary Lord will not be returning to the Legendary Heroes summoning pool until April.

Speaking of the Legendary Ike, Xenologue 3: The People’s Hero is also now available! Complete this the Normal version of this map to win a free 5★ Ike: Vanguard Legend! You can also do the Hard and Lunatic versions of this map for an extra 3 Orbs each. This map will be available indefinitely.

Heroes: Ephraim: Legendary Lord & Legendary Heroes Summoning Event Details + Water Blessing Quests!

Another Legendary Heroes Summoning Event is coming to Fire Emblem Heroes! This event features the newest Legendary Hero, Ephraim: Legendary Lord! Check him out in the trailer below:

This version of Ephraim is based on his promotion from The Sacred Stones. He’s mounted, and he wields his promotion item, the Solar Brace, as a new B skill. The fire-based aspects of his weapon are also now referenced in its name, the Flame Siegmund, as well as in the fact that Ephraim is our first Lord that comes with a Fire Blessing.

An assortment of popular and/or limited heroes will also be available! Along with Ephraim, you can also summon: Legendary Ike, Mia, Summer Leo, Summer Corrin, Shiro, Gunnthrá, Dorcas, Brave Ike, Jaffar, Summer Gaius, and Performing Arts Olivia. The rate for 5★ heroes is raised to 8% for this banner, and no off-focus units will be available.

This newest Legendary Heroes event starts tomorrow, 28 February and runs through 5 March. Best of luck adding some new heroes to your team!

Additionally, a new series of quests is now available! The Water Blessing Quests require you to use a hero with a Water Blessing to complete a series of tasks. You can earn up to five Orbs as well as some other prizes. Check out the full quest listing in game.

Now is a great time to pass out Water Blessings if you haven’t already, as they will be important in the upcoming Blessed Gardens game mode. The new game mode will be available after the next version update sometime in early March.

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