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Heroes: Legendary Hero Eliwood, Blazing Knight, Coming 6/28

As we know from the Calendar, a new Legendary Hero is set to drop in a few days. The trailer for it just came, and it’s bringing some love for Blazing Sword, literally, in Eliwood: Blazing Knight,

Eliwood: Blazing Knight, is a Wind-affinity Duel Blessed Legendary Hero, and is a mounted red sword cavalry. He comes with the Pair Up feature, as expected, and also a unique C skill, Visions of Arcadia, which supports non-Human (non-Beorc?) characters in a pretty complex way. Additionally, he brings a new dual-Rally skill, in Rally Spd/Res+.

On June 28, until July 5, Eliwood: Blazing Knight is available for summon, and of course, he’ll bring his other Heroes, available at 8% just like other traditional Legendary Hero banners. The other available heroes will be:

  • Blue
    • Ephraim (Legendary)
    • Lucina (Legendary)
    • Selkie
  • Colorless
    • Robin (Legendary)
    • Sakura (Hot Springs)
    • Veronica
  • Green
    • Gunnthra
    • Hinoka (Hot Springs)
    • Yune
  • Red
    • Hrid (New Year’s)
    • Ryoma (Legendary)

For more details on Eliwood: Blazing Knight, click Read More.

For the Japanese trailer, click here.

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Heroes: Golden Week Celebration, Allegiance Battles & Legendary Alm

Today is the start of Golden Week in Japan, which is a very special holiday-filled week. During this relaxing time, there are many celebrations–and this extends to free mobile titles like Fire Emblem Heroes.

Starting today until the daily rollover on 10th May 2019, there will be the first of two Log-in Bonuses. Summoners will receive First Summon Tickets up to 10 times. There are two types of tickets, denoted by “I” or “II” and they’ll be handed out alternately.

A few days later, from 29th April until 12th May 2019, there will be a second Log-in Bonus, but this one features Orbs as normal. However, a total of 20 Orbs will be available by logging in through 10 days, instead of the usual 13.

Also starting now until 10th May 2019, new daily maps will be added to Special Maps, awarding 1 Orb each by completing Normal and Hard difficulties, for 10 days in a row. That means you can snag a further 20 Orbs.

As for what you can spend the First Summon Tickets and perhaps your Orbs on, two “Hero Fest” banners are now available, until 10th May 2019. These feature the first and second year winners of Choose Your Legends.

First Summon Tickets with a “I” can be used in the year one banner, while those with a “II” can be used in the year two banner. Like previous Hero Fest banners, the starting appearance rate for 5-star Focus Heroes is 5%.

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Heroes: Legendary Alm Finally Gets His Day, Drops April 27

Alm finally got his day, as Alm: Saint-King, the next Legendary Hero, is now summonable in the first Gaiden-themed Legendary Hero Banner!

Japanese Trailer: Here

Alm, an Earth-blessed Legendary Hero that provides the same bonus as Legendary Roy before him, comes in as a Colorless Bow Infantry unit, and brings with him, a handful of new and useful skills. Aside from his B and C being the already in the game Null Follow-up 3 and Odd Attack Wave 3, he brings the new A skill Darting Blow 4 (granting +9 Spd on initiation), the new Special Lunar Flash [2] (Treats foe/s Def/Res as if reduced by 20% during combat. Boosts damage by 20% of unit’s Spd) and his personal bow, Luna Arc (14 Mt | 2 Rng | Eff. vs Fliers | Grants Spd +3 | If unit initiatse combat, deals damage = 25% of foe’s Def. [Ignores reductions to Def crom special skills like Lunar Flash.])

Alm is pretty much joining with a bow that rocks permanent half-Luna, and a perf that implies that he’ll be one speedy boy. If you want to boost his speed more, he comes with the Pair-Up ability, making him number two after Legendary Roy.

Of course, Legendary Banners aren’t just known for their Legendary Hero; they also feature an 8% summoning rate on a select batch of 12. This Legendary Hero summoning event runs from April 27 until May 7, and brings:

  • Red
    • Ike (Legendary)
    • Marth (Brave)
    • Roy (Legendary)
  • Green
    • Fae (Christmas/Holiday)
    • Hector (Brave)
    • Sue
  • Blue
    • Ephraim (Christmas/Holiday)
    • Fjorm (standard)
    • Nailah
  • Colorless
    • Alm: (Legendary)
    • Eirika: (Christmas/Holiday)
    • Leanne

Considering the popularity of many of these Heroes, this is looking to be a pretty exciting banner to summon from. Should you opt to drop some orbs, then I wish you good luck, Summoners!

Heroes: Enter Legendary Hero Roy: Blazing Lion

A sneak peek at our next Legendary Hero came in the other day, the form of an app store tease, revealing Roy: Blazing Lion, as the upcoming Legendary Hero. That may have been just a rumor, but it was confirmed just moments ago, in the release of the Roy: Blazing Lion Legendary Hero trailer.

Roy comes with a new weapon, and two unique skills (one personal), as expected. He brings with himself Dragon Fang and Renewal, two known skills, and adds to the fray,

  • [Wpn] Dragonbind
    • 16 Mt  | 1 Rng Sword
    • Effective vs Dragon foes
    • Distant Counter
      • This is much like his game’s own version of the Binding Blade
  • [A] Bonus Doubler 3
    • Grants bonus stats to Atk, Spd, Def and Res during combat, equal to the current bonus on each of the unit’s stats, independently.
  • [C] Human Virtue
    • At the start of any turn, if the unit is adjacent to non-beast or non-dragon allies, grants Atk & Spd +6 to himself and those allies for the turn)

He also appears to be joining with a Fire Blessing (fitting for his name), and what that blessing does…is a mystery.

Of course, the Legendary Hero banner comes with friends, available for summon at 8%, and this is no different. Included this time, are the following heroes:

  • Red
    • Hríd
    • Micaiah (Performing Arts)
  • Green
    • Female Corrin (Adrift)
    • Gunnthrá
    • Surtr
  • Blue
    • Male Corrin (Adrift)
    • Ephraim (Legendary)
    • Niles (Halloween)
  • Colorless
    • Mikoto
    • Robin (Legendary)
    • Xander (Performing Arts)

This banner kicks off on February 26 at 11p PT, and runs until March 5.