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Heroes: September Feh Channel & New Heroes with Rearmed Líf

Ahead of the next New Heroes trailer, the Fire Emblem Heroes team have dropped a surprise Feh Channel on us.

First up is a cinematic trailer showcasing Líf’s struggles. You can also view it separately, here.

Rearmed Heroes

Afterwards, we’re introduced to a new version of him, Líf: Arcane Blade. Nope, this isn’t Ascended Líf, but a new type of Hero known as Rearmed Heroes.

Rearmed Heroes have unique “Arcane Weapons” that can be inherited by other Heroes. In addition, when using Rearmed Heroes as a source ally for inheriting skills, the Rearmed Hero will not disappear. However, they cannot be used as a source ally for inheritance a second time.

After being used as a source ally for inheritance, the Rearmed Hero will retain all of their previous skills too. They’ll also function exactly like other Heroes, so you can still merge them etc.

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Heroes: Mythic Hero Líf banner, Mythic Hero Battle, and Voting Gauntlet are live!

Today in Heroes: The recently revealed Mythic Hero Líf: Lethal Swordsman is now available through the Mythic Hero Summoning Event.

The banner also comes with a Mythic Hero Battle, where you can pick up Orbs and a golden accessory for beating the Abyssal difficulty. Both the banner and MHB will come to an end on the 6th of February 6:59am UTC.

Also today: A new Voting Gauntlet has begun! Partake and earn Feathers, Orbs and other materials all the while supporting your favourite unit.

The VG ends on the 5th of February 6:59am UTC.

Heroes: Líf – Lethal Swordsman is January’s Mythic Hero!

Well, there you have it! Fire Emblem Heroes’s first Mythic Hero of 2020 will be Líf: Lethal Swordsman, one of the antagonists of Book III.

Recently, data-miners learned that Líf’s signature weapon had its “enemy-only” flag altered, which hinted that he may be this month’s Mythic Hero.

Líf’s Mythic Hero banner will be available between 30th January to 6th February (UTC).

Correction: Apologies, got the UTC dates mixed up with the PST dates.

In his debut banner, Líf will be joined by: Legendary Ephraim, Legendary Hector, Legendary Lucina, Loki, Yune, Caineghis, Picnic Lucas, Legendary Eliwood, Byleth (female), Hilda and Legendary Leif.

If you’re interested, there’s a page for him on the “Meet some of the Heroes” sub-website. Also, keep reading for a text breakdown of his skills.

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