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Heroes: “Green Grapple” Voting Gauntlet Coming Soon & Rescue the Order of Heroes from Bankruptcy!

The next Voting Gauntlet event in Fire Emblem Heroes is another weird one; “Green Grapple” is a bout between 8 green-haired Heroes from across the franchise.

The initial brackets are Nino vs Merric (two studious mages), Ced vs Lewyn (son and father), Sue vs Cecilia (er, both Elibeans) and Lugh vs Nagi (OK, this one is really lopsided…). The first round will begin on 1st May 2020 (UTC).

As usual, to help you get into the spirit of things (and bait your Orbs), there are a pair of banners featuring all 8 participants. As noted, Nagi will also be available in this month’s Legendary Hero banner, if you’re not a fan of the other green-sharing Heroes.

Both of the banners will be up until the new day begins on 7th May 2020 (UTC).

In other news, the Order of Heroes have run into a unique and very serious problem: they’re penniless. To solve this problem, Anna is filing for bankruptcy you can participate in the Lost Lore: Spoils event, which is a mini version of the regular Lost Lore event, but focused on the worlds of FE Heroes.

Lost Lore: Spoils will be around until the daily rollover on 7th May 2020 (UTC). If you don’t complete the event by then, there won’t be a home castle to return to. …Maybe?

Heroes: Book III ending cinematic, and new Lost Lore event!

With Book III of FE Heroes‘ Main Story coming to a close, a new cinematic has been released to seal the deal.

The video is also available in Japanese.

Just like in the Book III opening cinematic, we see Sharena about to be killed by Hel, with Alfonse helplessly looking on. Only this time, Eir saves Sharena’s life by throwing her dagger and deflecting Hel’s blow, giving Alfonse time to jump in and challenge Hel.

He gets a blow in, but of course, Hel can’t be killed by conventional means. This does, however, buy time for Veronica to summon the second Breidablik they managed to obtain from Líf. The Summoner then takes the weapon and unloads it directly towards Hel. Hel seemingly disintegrates into nothing, not unlike a Thanos snap victim. The final scene is part of the dialogue shared between Hel and Eir at the end of the final Chapter of Book III, with Eir accepting her mother’s fate.

With the closing of Book III, we can expect a new cinematic to go with the beginning of Book IV within the next month!

Also today: A new Lost Lore event has begun!

The theme of this Lost Lore is based on events from the world of Awakening. The event begins today and is available until the 4th of December 6:59am UTC. Play to earn Orbs, Dragonflowers, amongst other materials.

Heroes: Tibarn and Caineghis BHB, Weekly Revival Banner 15 & Lost Lore in Elibe

There are a few things happening in Fire Emblem Heroes this weekend. Firstly, you can challenge Tibarn and Caineghis in a new Bound Hero Battle until the daily rollover on 23rd September 2019.

These Laguz Kings from the Tellius duology are each formidable foes by themselves, so fighting both together could get pretty rough. If you like what you see, you can try to summon Tibarn and Caineghis, as well as Reyson who came for the ride, in a summoning banner that lasts for the same time.

Speaking of summoning, the 15th weekly revival summoning banner is now up. This one features Deirdre and Eldigan from Genealogy of the Holy War plus Azura from Fates. If you’re a fan of those characters, now’s a good chance since the base 5-star focus rate is 4%.

Last but not least, the 2nd Lost Lore event, “One of True Sight”, started yesterday and will continue until the rollover on 5th October 2019. This one seems to cover the history of Binding Blade and encourages summoners to deploy Heroes from that game and its prequel, Blazing Blade.

I’ve only played a bit of the event, but it’s interesting to see two of the cities in the Western Isles receiving localised names for the first time: Juteaux (Jutes) and Eidyna (Edina). Maybe there’s more in the history book itself? (I haven’t checked the data-mines yet.)

Heroes: Lost Lore event is live!

Today’s daily reset brings with it a new event: Lost Lore.

Send out your allies to search for – you guessed it – lost lore for the Heroes Saga, which is  a book found by the Askr trio which will contain stories of Heroes throughout the Fire Emblem series.

It begins today, and will be available until the 3rd of September, 6:59am UTC. You can read up the details on the mode in a previous news post here, or you can read about it within the in-game notifications.

Today’s 2018 daily banner rerun is Heroes with Draconic Aura.

Karla, Ares, and Kana are the focus units. The banner lasts a day, so don’t forget to at least get in your free summon.