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Heroes: Version 2.2 Update Brings Many Updates, All Live Now And Incoming Love Abounds Banner

Summoners have been anxiously awaiting the incoming Version 2.2 update. It’s giving us quite a handful of delightful goodies. There are many surprises hidden amongst the pile of presents, starting with the Love Abounds banner, before getting to the Weapon Refinery upgrades and the slew of other features.

This is a fantastic 30th birthday gift for me!

The Love Abounds banner will feature special versions of Lilina (Green Mage Cavalry), Roy (Bow Cavalry), Hector (Axe Knight) and Lyn (Blue Mage Knight), and is available as of February 9 until March 8. Of course, a new Paralogue trio will also come, giving us many opportunities to score orbs for the inevitable summon sessions.

There will of course also be the new Grand Hero Battles, Tap Battle, Daily Maps, Special Training Maps and much more (plus some new maps & other things that haven’t yet been officially announced) coming, so definitely get that Stamina ready. Of course, our new Heroes come first:

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