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Heroes: Special “Love of a King” Banner trailer drops, Heroes available Feb 4 at 11 PT

As teased yesterday, we’re seeing the next Valentine’s themed banner, in the Love of a King banner, and we sure knew the units, but we didn’t have the details on their skills. Well, we don’t need to wait too long to get them, as the trailer here just so happens to cover them!

Not only are we getting the units teased during the FEH Channel yesterday, in Gustav, Alfonse, Henriette and Lif/Thrasir as a Duo, but we’re seeing some doozies of skills in this batch. There are indeed the Cover-type skills, D/R Near Save 3 and A/R Far Save 3, on both Gustav and Henriette, which allow a unit to tag in and take damage for another nearby unit, but they’re also inheritable. We’re also getting the next -Form skill, in Def/Res Form, and two new inheritable tomes in the enhanced self-healing and debuffing based on nearby allies Amity Blooms+ and Unity Blooms+. That doesn’t even begin to describe the unique skills featured on the new Duo unit, of which, the most notable is the PRF C-skill that blocks Healing on targets.

This event will run from February 4 through March 4 (11p PT on both accounts).

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