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Heroes: Heroic Feats 2 Complete, Heroic Feats 3 On Deck

If you were supporting the second Heroic Feats event (in which if all Summoners deployed magic users 30 million times cumulatively over a period of time), then you’ll be happy to know that the condition was met, and as such, will result in all Summoners receiving a free 4 Berkut: Prideful Prince. With roughly 38 million deployments, the challenge was met with relative ease.

These appear to be quick to run mini-events, in which we’ll be seeing more of over the near future. In particular, the next Heroic Feats will feature the cumulative deployment of Infantry-type Heroes 60 million times during the duration of the event, in order to secure a free 4 Marisa: Crimson Flash.

Both Berkut’s distribution and Marisa’s Heroic Feats 3 will kick off in just a few hours, so prepare thy teams, Summoners!