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Fire Emblem Engage: Four Wings & Another Firene Twitter Tidbits

Following the recent Fell Xenologue trailer for Fire Emblem Engage, the Japanese Twitter account has shared regular tidbits of info.

First, another glimpse of the Alfred and Céline from the other Elyos:

I had a suspicion, but this confirms that Céline’s retainers and also her mother, Ève, are dead. In the trailer, there was a distinct lack of retainers. So I imagine most of–if not all of–them are dead already.

Since the Fell Xenologue tells a more compact story, it makes sense to limit the number of the characters, since we’ve already got Alear, the dragon twins, Four Wings and 8 royals, at least.

Next, the Four Wings, starting with Zelestia:

Zelestia (VA: Rika Fukami) is the leader ofthe Four Wings. She’s a mage dragon who’s lived for millenia.

A conversation with Zelestia:

You may recognise her line from the trailer. Because the Fell Xenologue occurs after Chapter 6 (when you unlock the Ancient Well), Alear has already met Zephia by then.

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Fire Emblem Engage: Yunaka, Griss & Mauvier Tidbits via Twitter

Whoa, the official Fire Emblem Twitter sure isn’t slowing down… Today’s Fire Emblem Engage info covers the remaining members of the Four Hounds, plus one very mysterious lady.

We’ll start with the mysterious lady first, since the Four Hounds already have profiles on the official site, covered here.

Her profile:

Yunaka (VA: Fairouz Ai) is a mysterious woman who you meet on your travels. She’s cheerful and energetic and easily gets along with people she’s just met thanks to her friendliness.

If you missed it, she briefly appeared in the Divine Dragon Awakens trailer, towards the end. Later, we learned her name from the Engaging with Emblems trailer.

I wasn’t sure which nation to place her and was hoping her profile card would shed some light, but nope!

A battle featuring her:

The map is the ruins one, recently featured in the battle preparations showcase, covered at the end of Celica’s analysis. It’s the stage of a paralogue, titled “The Secret Seller”.

Yunaka is a Level 7 Thief (Covert) with an Iron Knife, plus an unusable staff and a Vulnerary in her inventory. The first bit shows her opening a door without a key. Non-Thief characters must attack (and break) the door to open it.

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