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Heroes: Generals of Múspell Out Now, Mini Acrylics Vol. 8 Out November

The recently teased Generals of Múspell banner is now live, giving us access to summon Laegjarn, Laevatein and Helbindi, until October 22.

For more details on the summonable Múspell generals, check out my summary of their skills here.

Additionally, if you’ve become fond of the Heroes acrylic ornaments, their eighth set is set for release in early November.

Featured will include standard Corrin (both Male and Female), Hardin, Camus, Fae, Amelia, Azura, Maribelle, ??? and an unrevealed Surtr. For more details on previous releases, pricing and more, click here.

Cipher S14 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals + Upcoming Pre-release Livestream

This week, Fire Emblem Cipher re-continued a steady stream of Series 14 card reveals, following the Hokkaido Earthquake a week ago.

Tellius had the honour of receiving the first and final reveals this week. On Monday, Shinon, the blunt but able Sniper of the Greil Mercenaries showed up with a N/HN and R card.

Later on Friday, we got two SR cards (a regular and + version) for Ilyana, the mage with an unquenchable appetite. The snazzy artwork by Mayo depicts Ilyana in her Archsage costume.

Awakening got some love this week as well. On Tuesday, Cynthia made her triumphant return since Series 4, sporting presumably H and HN cards, as well as her first SR card.

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Cipher S14 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Promo Art, & Site Update!

This week has brought fewer daily reveals than usual for Fire Emblem Cipher‘s S14. Likely this is a result of the recent earthquake in Hokkaido, which also delayed this week’s Nintendo Direct. Nonetheless, we do have a few reveals from earlier this week, including this triple card reveal for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.

The left card features Itsuki, the main character of TMS#FE. The middle and right cards are for the mirage version of Chrom. Even the aesthetics of the cards are reminiscent of the game’s unique style, especially the text quotes.

@fecipher also revealed a pair of cards each for both of the other focused titles. For Fates, Hinata and Oboro both appear in a gorgeous joined-art. Gatrie also arrives to represent Tellius, getting his first R foil card.

Additionally, TCG shop Grand Panda Canyon (@Akibagrapan) recently revealed some promotional text-free art for S14! The art features the main lords of each portion of the set: Ike, Lucina, and Male Corrin.

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Fates Artbook Officially Teased + Upcoming Kotaro Yamada Artworks

It’s been over 3 years since Fates released in Japan, but fans have still been waiting for a fully-fledged artbook similar in vein to The Art of Awakening or the more recent Valentia Accordion.

A recreation of the teaser featured in the fan books.

The wait continues, but there’s now a visible light at the end of the tunnel. Because we finally have confirmation that a Fates artbook is actually happening, from the most unlikely of sources: the Takumi and Leo fan books released on 31st August.

Towards the end of the books, there’s a teaser for the Fates artbook from the same team behind the fan books, as well as the Tellius and Valentia artbooks. All it says is that “production [of the Fates artbook] is underway”.

A big thanks to @theprinceofiris for the heads up–and Japanese fans for sharing this information.

Back in March, Kozaki Yusuke–the artist of Fates–mentioned that he’s hoping to finish the Fates artbook before the end of 2018. However, judging from the wording and the timing of the teaser, the chances of that happening seems slim: expect a 2019 release.

The cover art appears to be of an original character inspired by Fire Emblem.

If you’re hungering for some Fire Emblem art goodness sooner rather than later, all hope isn’t lost. On 22nd September 2018, “Via luminis“, an artbook dedicated to the works of Kotaro Yamada will be released in Japan.

This 128 page artbook features art from over a dozen franchises that Yamada has worked on, including Fire Emblem. For reference, Yamada has contributed to Heroes and Cipher, and he was also the author of the Binding Blade manga, Hasha no Tsurugi.

Currently, the book’s exact contents are unknown, but as an educated guess, there ought to be at least 10 pages of Fire Emblem–and you can bet that Narcian will be among them. Hopefully there’s this Cipher art of the Hasha no Tsurugi crew as well.