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Japanese Merchandise for March 2019

In what is starting to become a routine, Intelligent Systems has announced the next wave of Fire Emblem merchandise scheduled for March 2019.

As you can probably tell from the promotional image, this merchandise is intended for Japanese audiences, but there’s nothing to stop you from importing from places like AmiAmi and CDJapan.

This time, there’s slightly less on offer: 3 types of merchandise versus 4 in previous months. We’re not sure if this is a sign that they’re slowing down or if they simply want to give collectors a short break. Chances are we’ll find out soon enough!

Masking Tape – 800 Yen (excl. tax)

The first exhibit is a set of two Binding Blade decorative tapes, featuring portraits of popular(?) characters and the overhead map. As the example shows, you can overlay the second design to create your own maps. Each tape measures 10 m when fully extended.

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“Lost in Thoughts All Alone” Collaboration Track Included in Renka’s Debut Album

Here’s something that might be interesting for music fans! On 23rd January 2019, Renka–the Japanese singer for “Lost in Thoughts All Alone” (the signature song of Fates)–will be releasing her very first album.

Known as “Hoshi no habatakuyoruwa”, which loosely translates to the “The Fluttering Night of Stars”, this album includes 12 tracks since her original debut back in 2015, when she first sang the Japanese version of “Lost in Thoughts All Alone”.

Of course, that particular song is among the 12 tracks. In addition, there’s a 13th bonus track that’s a new version of “Lost in Thoughts Alone” performed together with Lynn, Azura’s Japanese voice actress.

The album itself will retail for 3,000 Yen (plus tax). There’s also a special edition going for 3,700 Yen (plus tax), which includes a “3rd anniversary live voice” DVD with 9 music tracks (“Lost in Thoughts All Alone” not among them).

(Source: Renka’s official site)

Special thanks to @theprinceofiris for bringing this to my attention!

Cipher S15 Weekly Recap: Daily Reveals, Poster Cards, & More Livestream Guests!

It’s time for another weekly showcasing of new cards and news for Fire Emblem Cipher! The Cipher team took today off for Japanese Thanksgiving, but they’ve still shown us a lot of cards of this past week. First up are our first cards for TMS#FE: Tsubasa Oribe & Caeda! Caeda appears here in her Mirage form, both as a Falcon and Wyvern Knight.

The final red card officially revealed this week goes to Merric of New Mystery! Merric scores his very first SR card this set, bringing the total number of known red SRs up to three.

We get another R foil for yellow as well, this time featuring Linoan representing Thracia 776. This is Linoan’s first appearance in Cipher. Rounding out the twitter reveals is a joined-art panorama of Odin and Niles. You can even see Leo in the background! These cards are very similar to the Hinata/Oboro joined-art from S14.

Additionally, posters advertising Cipher S15 have begun to appear around Japan! As usual, these posters show off a few more new cards. They include a promoted card for Ogma and two Cost 1 cards for Travant and Leo.

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Next Wave of Japanese Merchandise for February 2019

Who’s ready for another dealing of official Fire Emblem merchandise? Intelligent Systems sure are, because they’ve announced another wave of merchandise arriving in February 2019.

In case you missed it, new merchandise will also be arriving in December of this year and January of 2019. All of this stuff is exclusive to Japan, but you can always import them from sites like AmiAmi and CDJapan.

Anyway, time for the lowdown!

Tin Badges – 600 Yen each (excl. tax)

This time, only two new badges have been added: female Corrin and Xander. As usual, these 75 mm badges are great for wearing or just collecting.

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