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Heroes: Dragons Invade Halloween Again in “Divine Harvest”

Certain themes come and go, with even the dancer, ninja and pirate banners taking a break. But this year, we’ll still be celebrating Halloween with dragons.

Note: You can check out the Japanese version of this trailer here.

The featured Special Heroes include: Corrin (F), Corrin (M), Naga and Duo Duma (with Mila).

In addition, Nils: Wandering Star will be available from the Tempest Trials event.

If you guessed Nils and male Corrin from the silhouettes, well done. Also, at long last, Witch Corrin has made the transition from FE: Cipher to FE: Heroes. Hmm, are there any notable dragons remaining for another draconic Halloween next year?

Anyway, please continue for a breakdown of the Heroes from the trailer!

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Heroes: Alm & Faye Revival, Mila’s Mythic Arrival, Masked Voting Gauntlet & Hall of Forms

We hope you’re really feeling it this weekend! Anyway, here are some quick-fire reminders for Fire Emblem Heroes.

Firstly, Alm & Faye’s Bound Hero Battle is back until 6th June 2020. One of them has been praying hard to the Goddess it seems…

Speaking of, Mila–the latest Mythic Hero–is now available in a summoning event and Mythic Hero Battle. For more details about the Goddess of southern Valentia, please check out our recent article. These are also around until 6th June (UTC).

Meanwhile, Conrad and a bunch of other mask-loving Heroes are currently doing battle in the “Shrouded Skirmsh” Voting Gauntlet. At the time of writing, Round 1 is in full swing.

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Heroes: May’s Mythic Hero is Mila, from Shadows of Valentia!

The next Mythic Hero to grace their presence will be Mila: Goddess of Love, from Shadows of Valentia.

One of Valentia’s two patron deities, alongside Duma (who appeared in FE Heroes before her), she’ll be available during the Mythic Hero summoning event between 29th May and 6th June 2020 (UTC).

Other Heroes joining her include:

  • Red: Legendary Eliwood, Larcei and Mythic Leif
  • Blue: Legendary Ephraim, Legendary Lucina and Legendary Julia
  • Green: Legendary Hector, Osian and Annette
  • Colorless: Legendary Alm and Legendary Leif

For a text breakdown of her abilities, please continue below the break!

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